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Breezeblocks Breezeblocks Cover Art

Breezeblocks shouldn't just be the number 1 song on this list...
It should be the number 1 song on any song ever to be created.

Not only the best Alt J song, best song ever! Glad my vote put it number 1 where it deserves to be!

Favorite song, nothing else beats it

Best alt-J Song Ever! Nice Job Lads!

Fitzpleasure Fitzpleasure Cover Art
Taro Taro Cover Art

Taro is amazing. Too good to be put into words. At first I got hooked on the rhythm of the song and I already loved the song. Once I Googled what the lyrics actually meant, the song just had more emotion and depth. Definitely better than the hip hop music nowadays.

It's weird that trying to describe how beautiful this song is is making me kind of emotional- it's just the most perfect song.

I can listen to this song non stop. best alt j song, and one of my favorites of all time by any band

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever listened to. Simple as that.

Matilda Matilda Cover Art

Easily should be in top 3. My personal favourite of the fantastic album.

This is my favorite song, and it should be in the top 5. the song is so melodic and is so addicting. one of their very best songs, honestly. you won't be disappointed.

Clearly their best song. The whole album is a work of art but this song is just so...musical.

Tessellate Tessellate Cover Art
Left Hand Free Left Hand Free Cover Art

This is by far their best song from This is All Yours, it may strive away from their typical sound, but this song is way too damn catchy to go unnoticed. Fantastic chorus, excellent guitar rifts all around, definitely deserves to be in top 10.

First heard this through Captain America: Civil War. Fit perfectly!

Spiderman gets introduced from this song. the person making this list is a loser

Great song that you can just feel happy listening to

Hunger of the Pine Hunger of the Pine Cover Art

It might sounds funny, but I cry each time I hear this songs, the build up, the melody, the instruments... Everything is perfect, definitely one of my favorite songs from alt-j and one of my favorite songs of all time

Every Other Freckle Every Other Freckle Cover Art

This song is so weird but so amazing. Genius.

Gotta love the drumbeats, abso├čutely spectacular

Something Good Something Good Cover Art

Very lovely piano, and tender lyrics

It's their best song!

The Gospel of John Hurt The Gospel of John Hurt Cover Art

This song is so creepy, but at the same time so beautiful. There's nothing like it.

Absolutely Amazing tribute to Aliens!

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Nara Nara Cover Art

The people below said it better than me but this is not only my favourite Alt-J song - but also just one of my favourite songs of any genre, why? Because its beautiful, complex and you get lost in it every single time. Probably in my top 10 songs I've ever heard and I'm more of a metal guy.

Stick around after Arrival in Nara because this is where things get epic. At about the three minute mark, this song just explodes into a wall of thick synths, twinkly percussion and eerie vocals that you'll lose yourself to.

Amazing song. Huge alt-J fan and I'd have to say this might be there most beautiful and complex song. Love the tempo changes. At the 2:57 mark the song just explodes with the most amazing instrumental alt-J have ever done.

┬┐11? This is the ultimate #1.

Warm Foothills Warm Foothills Cover Art

Their best musical, lyrical, poetic and sexy song. Too short, but glad it exists!

Dissolve Me Dissolve Me Cover Art

So underrated! Amazing song!

3WW 3WW Cover Art

This is an extremely underrated song that is absolutely beautiful. Though the start may be slow, those who are resilient and patient will be pleasantly treated to a masterpiece.

I love this song so much, it is one of my all-time favourite songs. It's incredibly sensual, powerful, warm and amazing. Joe Newman and Wolf Alice's Ellie Rowsell's vocals in this are perfect!

What a complete song. Alt J claims this is their best work so far

This album might just be their best work yet...

Deadcrush Deadcrush Cover Art

Best I love the chill affect on most but this one is my favorite
also was on fifa18 cool!

In Cold Blood In Cold Blood Cover Art

Best song for me, a shame the album is not at the same level

Every song of Alt-J is good, but this one, god, it's amazing

Bloodflood Bloodflood Cover Art

Bloodflood is honestly one if their best songs it takes you to such a dark place but in such a beautiful way I just can't describe it

Pusher Pusher Cover Art
Intro Intro Cover Art
Adeline Adeline Cover Art
Ms Ms Cover Art

This song is INCREDIBLY underrated!

Bloodflood Pt. II Bloodflood Pt. II Cover Art
Pleader Pleader Cover Art

Dark, scary, wanton, and foreboding...then out of nowhere, epiphany, harmonies that surge upwards, and outwards. The warmth and epic scale is unprecedented. A true Masterpiece!

It's good, in a good way


This will go higher and higher. When that choir kicks in I just melt.

Buffalo Buffalo Cover Art

Awesome song should be no 2

Lovely Day Lovely Day Cover Art
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