Top Ten Alter Bridge Albums

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1 Ab III

Best quick best album

Best quick best

This album should be on #1. If you've ever read the lyrics then you know its true.

Most likely it

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2 Blackbird

Their best all around album. Followed closely by fortress. I though III was a bit of a downer actually.

Blackbird for me is number 1. It has it's share of heavy shredders (Come to Life, White Knuckles), catchy tunes (Ties that Bind), soft pieces (Watch Over You, Brand New Start) and uplifting songs (Before Tomorrow Comes, Rise Today). Best of all though is the title track Blackbird. An 8 minute epic of melodic vocals, transitions from soft to heavy riffs, insane solos, the works. All to be found on this great album.

Fortress is good but Blackbird is so much better that it's criminal for it not to be #1. It has very memorable songs with uplifting messages and catchy riffs. - NuMetalManiak

3 Fortress

Very too much good and very very much best songs this album. Greatest Hit songs album it. Awesome band alter bridge.

Best album it. Greatest Hit songs album it. Very too much like this album.

Greatest album it. Greatest Hit songs album it.

Beautiful songs album it.

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4 One Day Remains

May be their most commercial effort to start, but songs such as Open Your Eyes, In Loving Memory, One Day Remains and of course the adrenaline pumping Metalingus make this still highly recommendable.

5 The Last Hero

I Like this 'Listen to Sample' button. Click this button. But this not album. Only one song it.

Very too much good and nice and best and great album it all time. Like this album songs.

New best album

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6 Live from Amsterdam

Greatest live album it...
Very too much great and nice..

7 Live at Royal Albert Hall

Nice one.

8 Alter Bridge X

So album it...Very too much nice it...

Nice one...Greatest band.And..
Best album.

9 Fan Ep

Best and good ep album it.

10 Live at Wembley European Tour 2011

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11 Live at the 02 Arena + Rarities
12 The Story So Far…
13 Ab III.5
14 Elektra: The Album

Only one song this album. Song name is 'save me'. Love this song movie soundtrack.

15 Fantastic Four

2005 best movie theme song only one - Shed My Skin.Track no-13 it.

16 Walk the Sky
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