Best Alter Bridge Singles

This list can only include the songs that got released as singles, so no Metalingus or Blackbird (sorry).

The Top Ten

1 Cry of Achilles

One of the finest songs on their new album. Opens with an acoustic flamenco before diving into the hard rock riffs. Great way to kick off the album.

This is just an absolute monster of a rock song. The band have even stated it's their favourite song off the new record.

2 Ties That Bind

A landmark title amongst their songs. The opening riffs hook you then you get hit by more fast paced guitar work that basically says you're in for a wild ride. It's a real headbanger of a tune and it nearly always gets played live.

3 Rise Today

One of their most uplifting songs that can give you strength to rise up and make a difference.

4 Isolation
5 Watch Over You

One of their softer pieces that represents the pain and frustration of trying to help a friend with addiction but being unable to.

6 Ghost of Days Gone By
7 Broken Wings
8 Before Tomorrow Comes

I find this one to be overlooked amongst the other songs on Blackbird.

9 Life Must Go On

Best and good song it. Very too much Greatest song it.
Best of alter bridge song it all time. Nice single song it.

10 Addicted to Pain

The first single on Fortress packs a mean punch indeed.

The Contenders

11 I Know It Hurts
12 Open Your Eyes
13 Waters Rising

The first Alter Bridge song to have Mark Tremonti on lead vocals, and I wouldn't say no to them doing more songs where he leads. He's really good.

14 Wonderful Life
15 Find the Real
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