Top Ten Alternate Versions of Total Drama All-Stars


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1 Lindsay Wins, Courtney Runner-Up, 24 Contestants, 26 Episodes

In the finale, Courtney would be far ahead of Lindsay, but with support from Beth (also in the season), she mustered up the strength to win over Courtney. - Turkeyasylum

2 LeShawna Wins, Scott Runner-Up, 24 Contestants, 26 Episodes

Throughout the season, LeShawna and Alejandro were rivals, but Scott, who was Alejandro's evil minion, betrayed Alejandro in the final 3 to take LeShawna to the finale, hoping for an easier win. He was wrong, and LeShawna won. - Turkeyasylum

3 Dawn Wins, Scott Runner-Up, 24 Contestants, 26 Episodes

Dawn and Scott got into a love-hate relationship, and by the end of the season, it was full-out hate. When they were in the final 2, however, Scott won the challenge, but due to cheating, Dawn won. - Turkeyasylum

4 Izzy Wins, Cody Runner-Up, 24 Contestants, 26 Episodes

Izzy and Cody teamed up to get to the finale by taking out Jo, who teased Cody throughout the season after Cameron's early elimination. But when it was the two of them, despite Sierra's support, Izzy came out on top. - Turkeyasylum

5 Noah Wins, Alejandro Runner-Up, 24 Characters, 26 Episodes

Noah waned to get revenge on Alejandro the WHOLE season, but Alejandro just stick around by throwing others under the bus. But, in the finale, Alejandro got what he deserved. Noah won. - Turkeyasylum

6 Courtney Wins, Heather Runner-Up, 14 Characters, 13 Episodes

This would be a better version of the existing TDAS, except Brick would be in instead of Sam. Courtney acted more like her TDI self, patching things up both Gwen and Duncan, ending the love triangle. And she acted as a hero in the season. Not only that, but she got Alejandro out in the final 5, as well as Scott in the final 3 (who she betrayed because Scott was using her for cushion). In the end, she outplayed Heather in the finale. - Turkeyasylum

7 Dawn Wins, Jo Runner-Up, 24 Contestants, 26 Episodes

Jo and Heather hated each other throughout the season. Dawn agreed to team up with Heather somehow to take out Jo. But, Heather was taken out in the final 6. Dawn, all by herself, beat Jo just barely in the finale. - Turkeyasylum

8 Ezekiel Wins, Chris Runner-Up, 24 Contestants, 26 Episodes

At the merge, Blaineley took over as host, and Chris and a non-feral Ezekiel joined in. Ezekiel somehow annihilated everyone else, and he got revenge on Chris in the finale for being the reason he was feral in the first place. - Turkeyasylum

9 Sierra Wins, Cody Runner-Up, 24 Episodes, 26 Episodes

The finale was pathetic. Sierra and Cody were deeply in love, and they wanted to let each other win. Sierra finally dropped out of the challenge, and Cody won, but he split with Sierra. - Turkeyasylum

10 Mike Wins, Zoey and Heather Runner-Up, 24 Episodes, 26 Episodes

Mike was a HUGE villain. He played both Zoey and Lindsay, but Heather was an even bigger villain. But, this time, the villain won. There was a final 3 in the finale for reasons. - Turkeyasylum

The Contenders

11 Brick Wins, Jo Runner-Up, 24 episodes, 26 episodes

Brick took Sam's place because Brick deserves to be in all-stars more than Sam. Brick and Jo were rivals in season 4 and went in a love-hate relashionship. However, at the end of the season 5, it was just a full-hate relashionship. It was a very violent and bloody finale because it's a physical challenge. A bear attacked Jo and Brick won the challenge. After, Jo went to the hospital for a very long time. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I would pay to see that! Really.This is what should have happened, or what needs to happen in an upcoming season.

12 Gwen Wins,Scot Runner-Up,24 Episodes,26 Episodes
13 Harold wins, Duncan Runner-Up, 30 Contestants, 29 Episodes

The final enemy battle. It was dares and Harold wins due to Cody's dare. - sdgeek2003

14 Stephanie Wins, Justin Runner Up, 22 Contestants, 26 Episodes

They are both models, and arrogant. This would be interesting.

15 Sky wins, Noah runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes
16 Dakota wins, Lorenzo runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes
17 Heather wins, Blaineley runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes
18 Duncan Wins, Scott Runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes

During the season, Duncan and Courtney, though being on the same team and understanding each other, get back together and act like their TDI selves. Sadly, Gwen and Scott, which Courtney was dating at the time and she disgusted by him, find out about this and they all make it to the final 4. Gwen and Scott team up against Duncan and Courtney. Scott succeeds, but Gwen loses. Scott gets Courtney off for betraying him.
In the fanale, Scott gets a far lead but Duncan catches up and wins.

Then Duncan and Courtney stay in their relationship. I think that might make All Stars worse or better.

19 Beth wins, Lorenzo runner up, 24 contestants, 28 episodes
20 Eva Wins, Dawn Runner Up, 22 Contestants, 24 Episodes
21 Tammy wins, Alejandro runner up, 22 contestants 26 episodes
22 Bridgette wins, Sammy runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes
23 Topher wins, Dakota runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes
24 Anne Maria wins, Max runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes
25 DJ wins, Sky runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes
26 Ellody wins, Eva runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes
27 Trent wins, Stephanie runner up, 22 contestants, 26 episodes
28 Justin wins, Scott runner up, 14 constants, 16 episodes

Justin deserves more fame because in TDA he got voted off for being the best contestant and Scott is the best contestant in all the seasons

29 Izzy Wins, Dawn Runner Up, 16 Contestants, 18 Episodes

Izzy and Dawn are great characters and deserve to get to the finale.

30 Courtney Wins, Zoey Runner-Up, 16 Contestants, 18 Episodes

Zoey's helpers will be Mike, Gwen and Scott, and Courtney's helpers will be Heather, Alejandro and Duncan. Heather, Alejandro and Duncan won't care about helping Courtney so Zoey will be far ahead, but then later Scott decides to help Courtney by sabotaging Zoey because he felt bad for her. Even Alejandro and Heather help Courtney because they refused to let one of the heroes win. At the end Courtney decides to share 10% of the price with Scott even though he wanted the half. He accepts and they stay together.

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1. Lindsay Wins, Courtney Runner-Up, 24 Contestants, 26 Episodes
2. LeShawna Wins, Scott Runner-Up, 24 Contestants, 26 Episodes
3. Dawn Wins, Scott Runner-Up, 24 Contestants, 26 Episodes


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