Top Ten Alternative Names for the Band Slipknot

What if slipknot wouldn't be called slipknot?

This list is for fun, put your knot names if you have a good one!

The Top Ten

1 Maskknot
2 Pentagramknot
3 Nuknot
4 Joeyleftthebandandwehavenofuturenowknot
5 Creepknot
6 Weirdknot
7 Psycoknot
8 Nine guys in a knot
9 ....knot
10 Fakeknot

The Contenders

11 Frayed Knot

Imagine asking " Do you have Frayed Knot's new album?
"Nah. 'fraid not..." - Britgirl

12 S***knot
13 D***knot
14 Wearenotyourkindknot
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