Top Ten Alternative News Sources

In recent years millions of Americans (mostly Republicans) have lost trust in the mainstream media, but fear not. There are still some online news sites that aren't controlled by the government or any of the media giants (Disney, Comcast, etc.). The sources on this list are independent and free from censorship, and while some of them may seem like "fake news", they are probably more real than CNN or Fox.

Keep in mind that none of these sources are completely accurate and can get things wrong at times, sometimes really wrong. Don't rely on a single news source.

The Top Ten


InfoWars has been banned from virtually every social media website, which has me thinking. Why are they all censoring InfoWars? Is there something on there they don't want you to know? As much as I don't like Alex Jones, I think we should keep an eye on him.

I wouldn't say they are more real than actual news sources, remember with indepent and free from censorship news sources, there is a lot more change that what is talked about wasn't research and their just passing their opinions. This item right here is the perfect example of that - germshep24

Watch this item get banned from TheTopTens

Kinda racist - Maddox121

Democracy Now!
The Real News

I hope this is really real news - BorisRule

Drudge Report
Signs of the Times
The Blaze
The Corbett Report
BBC News

The Contenders

Global Research
Pew News
National Public Radio
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