Top 10 Alternative Nicknames for Danny Phantom

Here all the strange DP nicknames. I made this just because i hate Danny Phantom (please don't find me a troll). So, what is your favorite?

Note: this list is not for war. It just my opinions

The Top Ten

1 Danny Phantard

He is a phantard - Neonco31

2 Danny Phancrap
3 Danny Phangay
4 Danny Phanjerk
5 Danny Phantroll
6 Danny Phancraze
7 Danny Failtom
8 Danny Phanbaby
9 Danny Awesomeness

He is not awesome at all.-Vestalis

10 Danny Fartom

The Contenders

11 Danny Phandumb
12 Danny Phanbutt
13 Retarded Phantom

I added this because he is a retarded gary stu.-Vestalis

14 Danny Phanstard

I don't hate Danny Phantom, but I thought that I could give a nickname for Danny since Danny can be an arse at times. - Anonymousxcxc

15 Danny Trump
16 Danny F****
17 Danny Phatom
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