Top 10 Best Alternative Rock Songs that Influenced Alternative Music Forever

Without all these guys and girls there'd be no The Smiths, no Nirvana, no The strokes and no Nirvana. Just check them out!

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1 See No Evil - Television See No Evil - Television

This group did not have a lot of commercial success. Bowie loved them and wanted to record with them. Brian Eno tried to make a record with them (somehow they didn't have the same vision of what it should sound like). Signed to lengedary Electra Records they recorded Marquee Moon in 1977. It's a mixture between prog rock and punk, and the guitars sounds really jazzy. Need I say this doesn't sound like ANYTHING from that period? Some people describe Televsions music as dreamy, jazzy, art rocky... U just have to listen to find out for yourself. The group were very different from other NY punk bands. This group were excellent musicians.
Amongs lists of "best guitarists ever" Tom Verlaine of Television must be in top 10. - ChatonNoir

2 Search and Destroy - Iggy & The Stooges Search and Destroy - Iggy & The Stooges

They sounded so heavy and fierce and wild. Listening to them is like listen to raze blade rocknroll. Check out I wanna be your dog, search and destroy, Your pretty face is going to hell and Raw Power! - ChatonNoir

Actually it's a protopunk song but it might influence kurt cobain - zxm

Michigan groups like " The MC5 ", " The Up ", " Sweet Cherry ", " The Glass Sun " etc... were in the late sixties at live concerts much heavier, loud and wilder than " Iggy and The Stooges ". Exept for " The MC5 " they were lesser known ( and still unknown to many ) than " The Stooges ". The influence of " The Stooges " was very big for " punk 77 " groups but he didn't really " change " rock music forever.

3 September Gurls - Big Star September Gurls - Big Star

Ringing guitars, sweet melodies, innocent sounding all American pop - Big star have their fan base but deserve more acknowledgement - ChatonNoir

4 Salad Days - Young Marble Giants

This is melancholic popmusic with beautiful melodies. You can't hear it in Nirvana but Kurt Cobain always praised this band. - ChatonNoir

5 Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground & Nico

Without them... No nothing. Well I exaggerate but this was a band who totally changed the definitions of rocknroll. A monotone drumbeat, a girl singing like a sinister German Ice queen, noisy guitars and tambourines. All this mixed up to moving ballads, dark rock songs and just pure pop. Also the coolest looking band ever. - ChatonNoir

Just listen to the 1966 album from " The Deep ". Noisy guitars, dark rock, monotone beat and singing. Even Lou Reed said he was influenced by this album ( See book : " Up-tight, The Velvet Underground story by Victor Bockris / Gerard Malanga " published by Omnibus Press 1983 ).

6 The Wagon - Dinosaur Jr.

Fronted by one of the coolest guys in rock history - J Mascis - Dinosaur Jr were very influenced by Neil Young, but they created a very unique sound. Guitars are mercilessly ripping the pretty melodies apart and making this one of the greatest indie bands ever. - ChatonNoir

7 X Offender - Blondie

Alternative you may ask? Well they started out in gloomy Bowery clubs and were at least at first a vital part of NY underground in the mid seventies. Then they continued writing a necklace of brilliant pop songs and had huge commercial success. Blondes influence is HUGE. Gwen Stefani, St Etienne, Lady Gaga, Madonna, garbage... The list goes on and on. - ChatonNoir

8 Debaser - Pixies

Lyrics in sometimes in Spanish, often about space... Great guitar playing. Weird, melodic, punky, music from outer space. The sound is very distinct. - ChatonNoir

9 Love Is the Drug - Roxy Music

Former art school students creating a wholly new sound. It was glam rock, punk before even punk existed, synth pop before synth pop was invented. Lead singer Brian Eno looked suave in designer suits, the other members had silver platform boots a fad black feather boas. It's no surprise Scissor sisters claim they're a huge influence on them. - ChatonNoir

10 Negativland - Neu!

Often named as 'kraut rock' as they, and bands like Can and Amon Düül, came from Germany. Monotone electronic music that influenced everyone from Bjork to Stereolab. - ChatonNoir

Not really inventive. One of the many " Krautrock " groups of the late sixties / early seventies. Groups like " Tonefloat " ( later to become " Kraftwerk " ), " Amon Düül II ", " Can ", " Guru Guru ", " Birth Control ", " Popol Vuh " etc... were more inventive and earlier than " Nue! " in their musical creativity.

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11 How Soon is Now? - The Smiths
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