Top Ten Alternative Song Titles That Replace the Word "Heart" With "Fart"

Come on, don't pretend to be shocked by a list like this from me. I'm just surprised I didn't make it sooner! If you are of a silly disposition, enjoy - maybe even have a laugh. For sensible people... Why are you even here?

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1 I Left My Fart In San Francisco

This list and subsequent comments have been killing me with laughter. Yes, silly, juvenile in part perhaps, but also clever in effect. It's been a bit of a blessing and a curse as now when I use the word heart in a serious or any context, a "fart" tangent comes to mind. Thanks a lot, Miss Brit.
But this list could also be a quick medicine to bring a little smile to anyone suffering from heartache - or fartache- I'm so confused! - Billyv

With this list I'm now certain she's the long lost member of Monty Python - Billyv

Well, I guess San Francisco will be stinky tonight - Gehenna

I'm dying! I "fart" this list! - Powerfulgirl10

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2 My Fart Will Go On

Okay this is pretty funny - Chaotixhero

I can't stop laughing. Great list Tina - Catacorn

We all know this type. - PetSounds

Lol that is hilarious. - PhilTheCorgi

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3 Total Eclipse of the Fart

Now this one just has to be the funniest. - Mumbizz01

'Once upon a time
I was falling in love
But now I'm only falling apart
There's nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the fart'

4 My Fart Belongs to Daddy

You will never know how true this is! Haha - Britgirl

Oh my god - Gehenna

This is based of of a true story did u know that

5 Jar of Farts

Sounds like something that would be on Sanjay And Craig. - OhioStateBuckeyes

Tearing our love apart, with your jar of farts! So emotional it makes me cry. - Erikelelf

Haha THANK YOU! If only I'd have thought of this! - Britgirl

Haha, this is epic! - Entranced98

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6 Listen to Your Fart

Listen to your fart, when it's calling for you

Well it kinda makes sense for both of them (both heart and fart). - Kiteretsunu

You should listen to your fart... - BurritoSeal


7 Don't Go Breaking My Fart

I couldn't if I tried... Farts make EVERYTHING funny! - keycha1n

Don't go breaking my fart don't go breaking my don't breaking my fart - 2storm

More like don't go breaking Wind! - Victinimon

8 Fartbreak Hotel

Haha I find this list so very funny! It's lovely! - keyson

This is the name of an American Dad episode. - RalphBob

Isn't this from the musical All Shook Up? - gakupo4eva

Nope, it's a song by the Swedish Yohio. Pretty good, actually.

9 Frozen Fart

This would only happen when it's 20 below.

Imagine what a frozen fart would do! - funnyuser

Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it in anymore! - DapperPickle

That's what else would do

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10 Anyone Who Had a Fart

This includes you too, you bottom burper, you. - Britgirl

The Newcomers

? Don't Break the Fart that Loves You

The Contenders

11 Me and My Broken Fart

I was going to add it but it's here

Hahah that's hilarious but I don't think a fart can break...

I feel bad for Rixton... - WonkeyDude98

12 Wooden Fart

This is too funny to even imagine

13 Put a Little Love In Your Fart

Just made me burst! And I mean with laughter, not farts. - Billyv

That means put a little stink in your fart! - funnyuser

14 Stop Draggin' My Fart Around
15 Give Your Fart a Break

Now I have to think of Demi Lovato singing this all night! - WonkeyDude98

Lemme Give your fart a break, your fart a break. Oh yeah yeah - QueenIrisIceQueen


16 Groove Is In the Fart

true - lolingdog9000

17 Can't You Hear My Fartbeat

I do and I regret it - TwilightKitsune

18 Fart Shaped Box

HEY! WAIT! I've got something to fart. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

19 Alien Fart

Is this the phineas and ferb song?

20 A Good Fart

And a good fart these days is hard to find
True love, the lasting kind
A good fart these days is hard to find
So please be gentle with this fart of mine - crowdiegal

21 Fart Attack

This must really hurt.

I think I'll have a Fart Attaack! - QueenIrisIceQueen

22 Where Do Broken Farts Go

They go off into the crowd in search of an Owner of a Lonely Fart. - Britgirl

23 You'll Be In My Fart

This is the first one I thought of. "Owner of a Lonely Fart" was the second. - BKAllmighty

24 Owner of a Lonely Fart

This is the funniest list ever - 2storm

So I'm not the only pesron who has heard of Yes!

25 Diamond Fart

I think this is the Minecraft parody song of "Demons" by Imagine Dragons

Ugh, another minecraft parody song! - BurritoSeal

Do you mean the Minecraft song?

Ouch! That must hurt really bad!

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26 Farts Without Chains
27 Shape of My Fart
28 Fart of Glass
29 Fartbeat Song
30 Queen of Farts

Thought I'd left all this stuff behind me (no pun intended) but I heard this by Dave Edmunds just a little while ago. I know how immature I'm being but so what; it made me laugh and that's what matters isn't it?

Have no idea who added it but it's priceless. Thank you! - Britgirl

Yes, Britgirl is Queen Of Farts. - Gehenna

That's also hilarious. - PhilTheCorgi

31 Open Your Fart

I'm glad you assed!

32 Burning Fart

In the burning fart

33 Lionfart
34 Black Farts
35 Why Does My Fart Feel So Bad?

Are you sure you want me to answer this question? - Gg2000

36 Let the Fartache Begin
37 Some Broken Farts Never Mend

This as already mentioned

38 Pop! Goes My Fart

This one is funny - CasinLetsGoBowling

39 Sleeping In My Fart

That must stink.

40 Tearin' Up My Fart
41 One Determined Fart

That fart is determined to get out of your butt! HaHa!

This and many others on this list made has really made me laugh! Thank you to everyone who added their own. You're such a lovely bunch of sweetfarts! Haha. - Britgirl

This one is hilarious. - Catacorn


42 Stop Cryin' Your Fart Out

Eat your fart out on this one! - PositronWildhawk

43 My Fart Is Open
44 Broken Farts Never Mend
45 Follow Your Fart

But wouldn't that just make it smell worse?

46 Fart Break Around the World
47 Unchain My Fart
48 Fart of Courage

You guys forgot about this one. - dhruvchauhan1333

49 Heavy On My Fart
50 My Fart
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