Alternative Song Titles Replacing "Moon" With "Moonwistle", "Montypython's TopTenner Rabbit", or "Bunny"

Dedicated to Top Tenners Monty and Moonwistle 🐰, and to Keith and John. (Maybe she can explain the family dynamics...)

This list is (hopefully) for a chuckle and is based on a character 🐰 from MontyPython's Music Hunger Games. Mostly a silly attempt to be amusing, so please vote for any you find even slightly humorous, or if you like the song it's based on, or even simply to give me lots of votes so maybe someday I can be King or a Knight; I already have a round table and a nice shrubbery...

In Honor of Her Great Spirit 😉

The Top Ten

1 The Boy With A Moonwistle and Star On His Head - Cat Stevens
2 Bad Moonwistle Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
3 Who Made The Moonwistle - The Little River Band

Yes, they did. Keith and John helped anyway. - Billyv

4 Once In A Blue Moonwistle - Van Morrison
5 By The Light Of The Silvery Moonwistle - Billy Murray
6 Fly Me To The Moonwistle - Frank Sinatra
7 Dark Side Of The Moonwistle - Pink Floyd

Yeh I know it's an Album title by PF but "Braindamage" and "Eclipse" are often mislabeled as such, there are other songs with the name, and... Sue me! I'll use the George Harrison defense. - Billyv

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8 How High The Moonwistle - Les Paul and Mary Ford V 1 Comment
9 Children Of The Moonwistle - Alan Parsons Project V 1 Comment
10 Walking On The Moonwistle - The Police

The Contenders

11 Moonwistle River - Audry Hepburn

Written by Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini. Sung in the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's. Also made popular by Andy Williams - Billyv

12 Here Comes The Moonwistle - George Harrison

No, not Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles, George wrote another one... - Billyv

13 Bark At The Moonwistle - Ozzy Osbourne
14 Man On The Moonwistle - R.E.M. V 1 Comment
15 Blue Moonwistle - The Marcels
16 Ticket To The Moonwistle - Electric Light Orchestra
17 Moonwistleshadow - Cat Stevens
18 Moonwistledance - Van Morrison
19 Moonwistle Child - Iron Maiden
20 Moonwistleflower - Santana
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1. The Boy With A Moonwistle and Star On His Head - Cat Stevens
2. Bad Moonwistle Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
3. Who Made The Moonwistle - The Little River Band



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