Top Ten Alternative Songs That Replace the Word "Love" With "Lunch"

I know there is 2 similar ones already but those are some of my favorite ones.

P.S. I Also Know a MAD Issue Had a list but, I didn't have every song with the word "love".
PPS: Songs like Love me harder is not going to work.

The Top Ten

1 Same Old Lunch

"I'm so sick of that Same Old Lunch." Like it. - Powerfulgirl10

2 What Is Lunch

Funny as Hell

Ah yes I remember this song - bobbythebrony

3 Lunch Don't Cost a Thing

I wish all food was free

4 I Want to Know What Lunch Is

I NEED TO KNOW! - Merilille's a meal breaks humger between breakfast and dinner. Hope that helped - Britgirl

5 One Lunch

If I eat more than 1 lunch I will get fat and my Asian parents will get mad at me

6 Lunch Is In the Air

Not surprised if you choose to ride the crazy rollercoaster straight after lunch. You were warned! - Britgirl

7 All You Need Is Lunch

What about breakfast and dinner? - SamuiNeko

8 Give Me All Your Lunch

Whitesnake again (sorry) but they have lots of cool songs with love in the title. - Metal_Treasure

9 Ain't No Lunch In the Heart of the City

A great Whitesnake song (it's a cover song but I don't remember who sang the original). - Metal_Treasure

10 We Found Lunch

The Contenders

11 Is This Lunch

Probably the most popular Whitesnake song. - Metal_Treasure

12 Endless Lunch
13 The Power of Lunch
14 Lunch Will Tear Us Apart

Now that’s funny.

15 Vision of Lunch
16 Where is the Lunch?
17 Your Lunch is My Drug

Yeah your food made me high what condiments do you use?

18 Turn Up the Lunch
19 Give Me Your Lunch

That is Give Me Your Love by Sigala featuring Nile Rodgers and John Newman in case you were wondering. Or even if you weren't.

20 Lunch is a Dangerous Thing

A FireHouse song. Who knew lunch was such a danger? Perhaps I should be more careful next time I eat... - Element119

21 Lunch Shack
22 L.U.N.C.H.
23 How Deep is Your Lunch?
24 I Need Your Lunch
25 Lay All Your Lunch On Me
26 Justify My Lunch
27 All for Lunch

A parody for All For Love by Hillsong United! Lol

28 Can't Buy Me Lunch

I ain't got no money mister! - jmepa1234

29 Lunch Life
30 Broken Lunch

Please help me, my lunch is broken

31 English Lunch Affair
32 Lunch is an Open Door
33 Lunch Story
34 Can You Feel the Lunch Tonight?
35 I Feel Lunch
36 Silly Lunch Songs
37 Crazy Little Thing Called Lunch
38 Dumb Lunch
39 Lunch Me Harder
40 Lunch Me Like You Do
41 Lunch Yourself
42 As Long As You Lunch Me
43 My Lunch
44 Lunch is Not Enough
45 This Lunch
46 Crazy in Lunch

Eminem or Beyonce, it would still be funnier - Hotheart123

47 Lunch of a Lifetime

Another FireHouse song (they have a lot of songs with love in the title). That must be a really awesome lunch though. - Element119

48 Ain't Talkin' 'bout Lunch

Well, what are we talking about then? - Element119

49 Feel Your Lunch Tonight
50 Lunch Walks In

Who knew lunch had legs? - Element119

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