Top 10 Alternative Understandings About Life on Earth

I once knew I was a human, but then I knew I was an Alien... something happened to me, and the way that I think changed... now the world has become an alternate reality for me...

The Top Ten

1 Humans are immortal

I once knew I was mortal... if you asked me about death, I would have said 'Of course I am going to die one day'... or something... But then I knew I was immortal, and ageless, and things about death didn't seem the same to me anymore... - Paolous

2 There is a flat surface beneath the Earth

I have seen a flat surface beneath the Earth... another world perhaps... I know it is there, and this isn't something in my imagination... - Paolous

3 Thoughts are implanted into the human mind

Thoughts are not there, and then they are... It is very clear to me that these thoughts are being put into the mind, and they are not being created by me, unless they are... There are others who have the ability to implant thoughts into the mind... Just because you don' see something, does not mean it is not there... - Paolous

4 People are directed to buy things

Sometimes I know that watching T.V. causes thoughts to buy things to come into the mind... And this happens in other places too... - Paolous

5 We are not alone

I have seen and conversed with others, that others have not seen... therefore I know these things are real... but I can understand those who can only believe in what they see... I don't know if they are Aliens, or others, unless I do... but I know they are something, and that is a fact... - Paolous

6 Fairies exist

I have seen Fairies and other beings... It doesn't matter that others say these things do not exist... I know they do, and I know what I know is real, and not imagination... and that is all I have to say on that now... - Paolous

7 There is a place called the Darklands

I have been to a place where other things are, it is called the Darklands for a reason... There are others there trying to communicate with the Earth, to tell them that they are there... They exist on another side of reality, that is Parallel to this world... dimension... reality... or whatever you want to call it... - Paolous

8 People sometimes speak in non-human languages

Sometimes my mouth opens up, and I start speaking in languages that are not of this Earth... I know it is not babble... rubbish... indecipherable non-sense... it is real... it's like I'm possessed sometimes, or abducted... but you can believe what you want to believe... I know what the truth is... - Paolous

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