Best Alternatives to Google

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1 Yahoo Visit Website
2 Bing

I hate Bing! Yes, for anyone who is gonna come at me with the whole stupid Bing-it Test, I did take it. It said I liked Bing better so I said, " I guess I'll use Bing." I then went onto Bing, did one search, and hated it. I immediately went back to Google. Try looking up something and then try clicking the reort: Bing images thing and then come back and tell me what happened. - llamabaconllama37

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3 DuckDuckGo

Duckduckgo is a small company run by about a dozen people, compared to google run by thousands of people. google profits by stalking its customers, I think they're motto is "do no evil" which is hilarious. duckduckgo is the way of the future because I believe in humanity - tatef87

I heard they don't track you. Today I switched to DuckDuckGo. Good riddance Google.

Yeah, It doesn't track you, that's great.

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4 Ask
5 AOL Search
6 WebCrawler
7 MyWebSearch
9 Dogpile
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