Top 10 Alternatives to Killing Harambe


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1 Tranquilizer

Harambe didn't truly die. His physical form was killed but that's all. His mind escaped, with all his intelligence and ideas. And you can't kill an idea. So he has woven himself into the memes. - IronSabbathPriest

Dicks Out For Harambe

He died for our memes

You can't harm Harambe, that's an unimaginable thing to do. Worse than murder. - Puga

2 Leave him alone, the boy's parents should've been more alert and he didn't know he was hurting the 3 year old

You just don't do that-- If it's the boys parents fault then the boy shouldn't have to be punished. - PeachyBlast

What kind of idiot parent lets there kid fall in a gorilla pit? I know there are some ups and downs with parenting, but this is just the most inexcusable blunder of all! I even read an article and saw that the mother was also a DAYCARE worker. Lord help those children.

Harambe wouldn't have killed him. People can be so stupid to let a animal die like that, - MetalObsessed

3 Direct his attention to something else
4 Attacking him, but not killing him
5 Take the child from him

They wouldn't have needed to do that if the parents would have paid attention to their kid. But that is a great suggestion. - MetalObsessed

6 Give him something else to play with
7 Telling him he'll get to be a user on TheTopTens if he puts the child down

All items before this seemed possible. This one, Well... - Martinglez

It would be cool to have a gorilla join. Thanks a lot zoo keeper and retarded parents. - MetalObsessed

8 Threatening him
9 Taunting him by telling him how much fame he'll receive
10 Knocking him out

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11 Not yelling and upsetting him
12 Clear the crowd and send in an extraction team

Dicks out

13 Kill someone else.

Like the dumb parents. Or the kid. - MetalObsessed

14 Punch Harambe
15 Distract Harambe
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1. Tranquilizer
2. Direct his attention to something else
3. Leave him alone, the boy's parents should've been more alert and he didn't know he was hurting the 3 year old


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