Top Ten Alternatives to Swear Words

Sometimes you stub your toe or something bad happens and you just swear. I know sometimes it is not the time or the place for swearing and here are some alternatives to swear words that can be used in innapropriate situations

The Top Ten Alternatives to Swear Words

1 Fudge

Forgot Duck - MrCoolC

Swearing makes people stress free, but sometimes you must be polite and use fudge instead of f word.

Milk Milk Lemonade Round the corner fudge is made - bobbythebrony

I say "oh fudge" when I'm angry. I like the sound of it. And it's also one of my favorite foods. - PizzaGuy

2 Crap

My fourth grade teacher said this - Luckys

Um at school I wld get crapped at for this.

My mum doesn't let me say this word... - Review

3 Shoot
4 Frick

Frick is honestly very annoying - Luckys

5 Sugar
6 Shiitake Mushrooms!

Lol, that was random! - Pegasister12

Just like Skipper from Penguins of Madagascar

I need to try this. I do.

My bestie says this all the time.

7 Sugar Honey Ice Tea

I'm not allowed to say this word.

8 Nugget

Which word is this a replacement for?

fat a.. - Maddox121

9 Sheet
10 Shhhh...It

The Contenders

11 Poop

Alternative to the s word

12 Nuts
13 Butt
14 "Sweet Child O'Mine!"

Cool! Imma use this! - Misfire

This is a personal favorite of mine that I exclaim for when I stub my toe, step on a Lego, or have other extremely harmful acts inflicted upon my person. - Cheese567

Hungarian has A fűzfán fütyülő rézangyalát for this among others, which means "Oh the whistling copper angel on the birch tree! " - Alkadikce

15 Doughnuts
16 Hawaii
17 Freak
18 Fudge Cake
19 Dang

I am not allowed to say this word

20 Son of a Mother!

I find this one very relatable amongst most people as most people have had a mother at one point in time. - Cheese567

This involves no swearing. Plus it replaces son of a b****.

21 Holy Moly
22 Donald Trump
23 Crikey
24 Cockadookie
25 Shiite Muslims

Holy Shiite Muslims! Are you kidding me? - AngryByrd

26 Bums
27 Jackwagon!

Traditionally used as an insult - Cheese567

28 Derp

I use this for every swear. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

29 Sphincter

Although still considered rude in some circles still a healthy alternative! - Cheese567

Be the claptrap - ONHOLIDAY

30 Shiz

It is bad! I is not alternative!

31 Rats
32 Helicopter
33 Dora

What the Dora
Everyone laughs
U still like Dora
Hey I don’t

34 Rip

Like when something doesn't go to plan or your generally peed off

35 Dumbbutt
36 Waffles

I say 'oh waffles' a lot. - RiverClanRocks

37 What the juice?
38 Shick
39 Futt
40 Motherbagstard
41 71
42 Bich
43 Seventy-One

Alternative number to the F word

44 Buckets
45 Foogit
46 Shih Tzu
47 Female Dog
48 Sweet Niblets!
49 What the F-Zero
50 Eff
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