Top Ten Alternatives to Swear Words

Sometimes you stub your toe or something bad happens and you just swear. I know sometimes it is not the time or the place for swearing and here are some alternatives to swear words that can be used in innapropriate situations

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1 Fudge

Forgot Duck - MrCoolC

Swearing makes people stress free, but sometimes you must be polite and use fudge instead of f word.

Milk Milk Lemonade Round the corner fudge is made - bobbythebrony

I say "oh fudge" when I'm angry. I like the sound of it. And it's also one of my favorite foods. - PizzaGuy

2 Crap

My fourth grade teacher said this - Luckys

Um at school I wld get crapped at for this.

My mum doesn't let me say this word... - Review

3 Nugget

Which word is this a replacement for?

fat a.. - Maddox121

4 Shiitake Mushrooms!

My bestie says this all the time.

Lol, that was random! - Pegasister12

I need to try this. I do.


5 Shoot
6 Frick

Frick is honestly very annoying - Luckys

7 Butt
8 "Sweet Child O'Mine!"

Cool! Imma use this! - Misfire

This is a personal favorite of mine that I exclaim for when I stub my toe, step on a Lego, or have other extremely harmful acts inflicted upon my person. - Cheese567

Hungarian has A fűzfán fütyülő rézangyalát for this among others, which means "Oh the whistling copper angel on the birch tree! " - Alkadikce

9 Sugar
10 Poop

Alternative to the s word

The Contenders

11 Sugar Honey Ice Tea

I'm not allowed to say this word.

12 Nuts
13 Sheet
14 Shhhh...It
15 Son of a Mother!

I find this one very relatable amongst most people as most people have had a mother at one point in time. - Cheese567

This involves no swearing. Plus it replaces son of a b****.

16 Doughnuts
17 Hawaii
18 Donald Trump
19 Freak
20 Dang

I am not allowed to say this word

21 Shiite Muslims

Holy Shiite Muslims! Are you kidding me? - AngryByrd

22 Fudge Cake
23 Jackwagon!

Traditionally used as an insult - Cheese567

24 Cockadookie
25 Holy Moly
26 Crikey
27 Sphincter

Although still considered rude in some circles still a healthy alternative! - Cheese567

Be the claptrap - ONHOLIDAY

28 Shiz

It is bad! I is not alternative!

29 Bums
30 Helicopter
31 Derp

I use this for every swear. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

32 Dora

What the Dora
Everyone laughs
U still like Dora
Hey I don’t

33 Rip

Like when something doesn't go to plan or your generally peed off

34 Dumbbutt
35 Waffles

I say 'oh waffles' a lot. - RiverClanRocks

36 What the juice?
37 Shick
38 Futt
39 Motherbagstard
40 71
41 Bich
42 Seventy-One

Alternative number to the F word

43 Rats
44 Buckets
45 Foogit
46 Shih Tzu
47 Female Dog
48 Sweet Niblets!
49 What the F-Zero
50 Eff
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