Top Ten Alternatives to Traditional Wrapping Paper

Britgirl've remembered everything for Christmas, except for the gift wrap? Ah! It's a good thing I made this list, isn't it..? No, please don't thank me; call it an early Christmas gift, with bows, ribbons and other shiny things :)

The Top Ten

1 Dustbin Liners
2 Newspaper

Illegal to do that here, ever since they went on the endangered species list - Billyv

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3 Toilet Paper

It's soft AND comes in a beautiful variety of colours - Britgirl

As long as it is clean I would think it's worth a try. - Music_Lover123

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4 Foil

But its sharp and you could cut yourself on it. - Music_Lover123

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5 Bed Sheet

Preferably an empty one, with few noticeable stains - Billyv

And preferably it is a cheap one. - Music_Lover123

6 Net Curtains
7 Tea Towels
8 Cardboard
9 Parchment Paper

Kind of thin and tearable though. - Music_Lover123

10 Banknotes

Why give presents if you can give bank notes? - Music_Lover123

Dear family,

Please wrap my presents in this material. In fact, you can leave out the presents altogether.

Pet - PetSounds

The Contenders

11 Plastic Baggie
12 Carpet

"Don't mind the holes in the wall-to-wall, I Had to wrap your presents" - Billyv

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13 Posters

That would word definitely. Plus they could relate to the paper. - Music_Lover123

14 Wallpaper
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