Best Alvin and the Chipmunks Characters


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1 Alvin Alvin

He looks cool. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

Main character.

The Alvin himself.

Alvin is better than all the chipmunks and chi

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2 Brittney Brittney

I love Brittany, because of her I am more like her I really like fashion, art, and I always wear a ponytail.

Britney is so pretty.

It's Brittany, get it right.

3 Simon Simon

He's very mature and more like a leader, sometimes he can be cute though

He's a very interesting, smart, and muture carecter ( except if he gets bitten by a spider, like in the movie chipweacked ).

The Smartest and most witty character of the series he does every thing for alvin and theodore and helps save he is the most responsible character and my favourite

He should be at the top of this list since he's most mentally mature of his brothers. In fact, he much in common with me just as Edd/Double D of Edd, Edd n Eddy does.

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4 Dave Seville

He is dependable and loyal. He always cared about the chipmunks and helped them become the best they could.

Dave has a monster cock, and is loaded. also a single father and he's talented.

Real name: Ross Bagdasarian, who is the creator, concept artist, songwriter, and voice artist for all of the original Alvin programs.

5 Theodore Theodore

I know that he means well.But I don't like how immature and food-obsessed he is.


Funny, but atrocious voice

Alvin and The Chipmunks movies suck but he’s so cute.

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6 Ian Hawke

No he is the worst. He abuses kids.

7 Zoey
8 Claire Wilson
9 Jennette

I admire this gal for being the female counterpart of Simon. But I wish that she'd be more like him instead of having Theodore's weakness.


Jennette is my favorite chipmunk

Her name is JEANETTE!
Sorry, but I hate when people spell the Chipette's names wrong...

10 Toby Seville

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11 Eleanor Eleanor

Oh my gosh she is adorable!

She can be interesting at times. But sometimes she gets on my nerves with her attitude problem, disrespectful mouth, and scream.

I like Eleanor's personality

12 Jeanette Jeanette

Already at 10.

13 Ryan Edwards

He is my favorite character. He is very funny, strong, athletic, cool, and he is very good at making roasts.

He is my favorite character. He is very funny, athletic, strong, and he is good at making roasts.

He is my favorite character out of everybody, he is also very funny.

14 James Suggs
15 Toby

He dseserves to be on the list

16 Jackie Seville

Popcorn Jackie!

Who's Jackie?

17 Captain Corelli
18 Miles
19 Samantha
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