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Amanda Lear is a French icon known for her paintings, her modeling history & her wide variety of music, ranging from Eurodisco to funk, new wave (including its subgenre synth pop), pop rock, house, Eurodance, Latin pop, club, jazz, etc., along with her novelty-style singing. For all such reasons, she's been compared to Grace Jones & Madonna in versatility of such. Yet due to her whiskey voice, she's been nicknamed the Marlene Dietrich of Disco (due to its resemblance to Marlene Dietrich's voice). Yet being French with versatility in music & disco-style roots, she’s also been likened to Dalida.
The Top Ten
1 Follow Me Follow Me Cover Art

The best you'll ever hear from her & her only top highest hit. It's powerful, catchy, uptempo & has a touching storyline. Not to mention it apparently uses the wall of sound, a formula created by the late Phil Spector. ABBA used that formula too, so Amanda's not the only person to use it in Eurodisco music. It's also nearly 4 minutes long, which adds to the timing. From her 1978 album The Sphinx.

2 Queen of Chinatown Queen of Chinatown Cover Art

The song that almost gave her an honorific nickname. It also sounds powerful & meaningful for the theme of the song. Yet it's another top hit for her.

3 Fashion Pack (Studio 54) Fashion Pack (Studio 54) Cover Art

An absolute masterpiece. A perfect tribute to fashion designers while you kept on dancing. Yet it was another top hit for her. Studio 54 was the place for dance parties & fashion in the 70's.

4 Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me) Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me) Cover Art

A powerful song with a touch of beauty, like an enigma, as she defined. A truly powerful classic & another top hit from her.

5 The Sphinx The Sphinx Cover Art

The album-titled song & a relaxing song to listen to after several uptempo dance bangers. Yet again it's another top hit of her's.

6 The Lady In Black The Lady In Black Cover Art

This song almost gave her an honorific nickname as well. At least she wore a black uniform during this & on the cover you're seeing. Yet this was perfect for Halloween in the late 70's.

7 Lili Marleen Lili Marleen Cover Art

A splendid cover of a war-themed ballad turned into a hi-NRG Eurodisco masterpiece. Marlene Dietrich sang it in a good deep voice too, but Lear made such a deep-voiced cover danceable. It's her most famous cover obviously. The original song was by Lale Andersen (R.I.P.).

8 Gold Gold Cover Art

That's the simplest description for this song & all of her songs. Gold. Like nobody else, she mastered the minds of the world in & outside French territories with her music. This's uptempo & deserved its spot as a high-scoring hit of her's.

9 Egal Egal Cover Art

A clever song that uses such a mystic title. Some say its sounds like Eagle, but Egal really means equal in French. She spoke French in this song & it's perhaps her most famous French song for a reason.

10 Diamonds Diamonds Cover Art

The song has a powerful vibe & is sharp like the glare of diamonds. Even the sounds in it make sense. It's a real banger & will get many listeners on the dance floor.

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