Top 10 Amazing Albums You Never Heard

There are 100,000s of albums you don't know, or maybe you do, for list list just stuck to rare or very underrated albums that people probably have not head!

The Top Ten

1 True Love Stories - Jilted John

A completely lost funny punk Jen of the late 70's. if you like the single you will love the album!

2 Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses

Most people only really know Appetite For Destruction but try this, completely new band other than Axl and 13 years effort put on, plus best guitarist you will ever hear (buckethead)

3 Pale Green Ghosts - John Grant

Very new album, very bass filled, powerful voice great played loud with a good set-up.

This album is very bass filled, his voice is powerful and has meaning - DeadAsian

4 Bleach - Nirvana

Very underrated debut, better than nevermind in my opinion

I think tie between bleach insecticide all 3 cky and unfortunate snort

5 Cosmic Egg - Wolfmother

Much better than the debut, but not a well known band, both were good albums.

6 Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild - CKY

A band that only those in the skater world know, all albums worth listening to loud

7 Incesticide - Nirvana

A fantastic B-Sides and rarities for all fans

8 I've Been Expecting You - Robbie Williams
9 Volume 1 - CKY

This album is off the scale, shame nobody knows it

10 Carver City - CKY

Heard this for the first time a week ago, I have played it at least 10 times! It is amazing! Will listen to some more cKy!

The best cky album, just jam out loud and proud

The Contenders

11 Interesting Life - The Animals

I believe this to be rare, basically the remix their greatest hits but domes fantastic

12 Unfortunate Snort - Pinkly Smooth
13 Innocents - Moby
14 Dimension Mix - Various Artists
15 From the Lions Mouth - The Sound
16 School of Fish - School of Fish
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