Top Ten Amazing Card Tricks You Should Try

I cannot believe that this list did not exist until I made it. I've used this list to explain how each of these amazing tricks work.

The Top Ten

1 Ask the volunteer to pick a card, shuffle the deck, only ensure that the card sticks out slightly, so only you keep track. Ask the volunteer to grasp the deck firmly, with the card still displaced towards the hand. Slap the deck and all other cards fall.

The volunteer will be stood there completely perplexed, wondering how the hell their card just happened to defy physics. There was just a slightly smaller moment on it that made all the difference. - PositronWildhawk

Positron is one of the only people who make lists that are worth your time - CityGuru

Well, I like this trick the most here. I remember it seeing on television shows. Great List! - Kiteretsunu

Definitely the best one on here. Yes indeed, a great list! - Britgirl

2 Take a card and grasp it firmly with your thumb in its centre and the backs of your third and fourth finger supporting it. Use the forefinger & pinky to support it from the sides. You can then make it "vanish" behind your hand simply by opening your hand.
3 Select 6 cards exactly so the number of letters in the card's name is any number of shuffles needed to put it on top. After they pick one, place them on top of the deck & hide the deck. Ask them to pick a number & take random cards out before the top one.

It really works well if you ask them for a specific number, like their age (if they are younger than 52) or the day of the month in which they were born. - PositronWildhawk

4 Ask the volunteer to pick a card and remove it from the deck. Without them noticing, flip over the card at the base of the deck, and let the volunteer replace the card. This card will be the one facing the other way, except the base card you flipped over.
5 Ask the volunteer to pick any card, and split the remaining deck in two. Note the card at the base of the top half, and place the chosen card in between these halves. As you go through the pack, the chosen card is below the noted card.
6 Make a hole in the back of a card box, and ask the volunteer to pick a card before shuffling specifically to get that card on top. Place the deck into the box and put your finger through the hole so you can push the chosen card out from the box.
7 Attach a strip to the back of a card with the same pattern on the back. Hold the end of the strip between thumb and forefinger. Shifting the thumb will make the card appear to bend.
8 Grasp two cards together between thumb and forefinger with third finger. One can slide these fingers to move the card in front, so clicking your fingers will make this card slip behind your hand between the fingers. It will appear that the card changes.

This all happens in the blink of an eye, so practice is key. I still keep dropping them. Dang. - PositronWildhawk

Yup, I guess you need a lot of practice for these tricks... Nice, man! - HezarioSeth

9 Deal 26 cards, remembering #7. Place the pile at the base & deal the top. Add the number of cards from the top needed to make 10 from each card number and take the number out to make the sum of numbers of the top 3. The last card is the one you recall.

I meant to say the top three here. Sorry for the mistake. - PositronWildhawk

10 Show a card on top face up. Cover with your hand and use your thumb and forefinger to slip the first card up and the second down. Slip one over the other and remove your hand to show the second card.
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