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1 Listverse

Best website

Lists that literally blows your mind, awesome content, new website compared to top, but has grown over the years to be one of the top - jimjasongo

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2 Cracked

America's best humor site is an appropriate title, like it, since it's the oldest site I know of this kind, although quality has lowered a little - jimjasongo

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3 BuzzFeed

Since the articles can be submitted without much effort, the website is content rich, no other website has these much of articles on topic like these, also has fun quizzes, polls and all sorts of amazing articles - jimjasongo

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I like this site very much, its extremely new but nice one, I am probably the first one to comment on their article and follow them, but now its becoming popular slowly, anyways the content is awesome - jimjasongo

Its new website but good the lists are awesome

Like this the best

I like it - jimjasongo

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One of the oldest, although its not that popular, I was amazed to see the kind of traffic they received - jimjasongo

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6 Mental Floss

Like it very much - jimjasongo

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9 List25 Visit Website
10 All That Is Interesting

I don't like it

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11 FACTSlides

Awesome website it will make your brain explore!

Awesome website, it will make your brain explore

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