Top Ten The Amazing World of Gumball Characters Who Need Their Own Show


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21 Ocho

He a nice person who can't control his her when getting angler but he has trust problematical - Theawsomeyoutuber275

Ocho's adventures in gaming. I want to see him try to beat the geometry dash game.

He is the best. Both huggably adorable AND powerful! >:D

22 Juke

It should be called 'Juke's Musical Adventures' where he tries to kill evil music instruments to talk English.

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23 Gary
24 Mrs. Robinson V 1 Comment
25 Principal Brown
26 Larry

It should be called: The many jobs of Larry

27 Doughnut Sheriff

This should be spin off called Elmore sirens where she solve crimes with Larry :O

28 Chicken Bucket
29 Mr. Robinson
30 Emperor Zurg

He is bad villain.
Nicole's villains name is Emperor Zurg FOREVER!

31 Leslie
32 Hot Dog Guy
33 Hamburger Cop
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