Best Amazing World of Gumball Couples


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1 Gumball and Penny

So they date in season 1 then in season 2 penny acts like she Hates him and in the Leslie episode Darwin points out that shes not his girlfriend - EliWatterson

2 Darwin and Rachel

Those two would make a really good couple - JandS3000

Whose rachel - EliWatterson

To me, I love this couple, they are cuttier than Penny and Gumball. - 05yusuf09

Darwin and Rachel would make a Really Cute Couple. - Dreamformusic

3 Nicole and Richard
4 Carmen and Alan

I love Alan&Carmen. Alan is balloon boy and Carmen is cactus giri. They are the cutest couple in the show!

The Cutest Couple in the show!

I love this couple! In The Storm,They are very nice couple and cutest of all episodes in the amazing world of gumball.

Aw - EliWatterson

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5 Gumball and Carrie

I prefer this to Gumball and penny - EliWatterson

€They just cute together more than Darwin and Carrie
•in the episode called “ the ghost” if you see Carrie’s face, you see that she have the happy and the (almost) have a Crush face

6 Darwin X Carrie

Gumball and Nicole are higher than this. That is just wrong on so many levels, and Rachel never appeared since season 1, and GUMBALL AND CARRIE ARE NOT A COUPLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! - 445956

In The Scam, they are planning a date at the end of the episode. - laci9

Darwin wouldn't be together with Carrie. Rachel is better. - 05yusuf09

Carries 2 years older this is eww although it's a real one - EliWatterson

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7 Masami and Darwin

No masami bosses him around - EliWatterson

8 Principle Brown and Miss Simian
9 Gumball and Nicole

You guys are creeps. - 445956

What the WHAT - EliWatterson

10 Tobias and Penny


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11 Masami and Alan
12 Larry Needlemeyer and Karen

I'm surprised I didn't even see this one on here. I ship Larry*Karen more then any ship I've ever shipped. They most definitely belong together.

13 Gumball and Darwin
14 Gumball and the Evil Turtle
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