Best Amazing World of Gumball Couples


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1 Gumball and Penny

So they date in season 1 then in season 2 penny acts like she Hates him and in the Leslie episode Darwin points out that shes not his girlfriend - EliWatterson

2 Darwin and Rachel

Those two would make a really good couple - JandS3000

Whose rachel - EliWatterson

To me, I love this couple, they are cuttier than Penny and Gumball. - 05yusuf09

Darwin and Rachel would make a Really Cute Couple. - Dreamformusic

3 Nicole and Richard
4 Gumball and Carrie

I prefer this to Gumball and penny - EliWatterson

€They just cute together more than Darwin and Carrie
•in the episode called “ the ghost” if you see Carrie’s face, you see that she have the happy and the (almost) have a Crush face

5 Carmen and Alan

I love Alan&Carmen. Alan is balloon boy and Carmen is cactus giri. They are the cutest couple in the show!

The Cutest Couple in the show!

I love this couple! In The Storm,They are very nice couple and cutest of all episodes in the amazing world of gumball.

Aw - EliWatterson

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6 Darwin X Carrie

Gumball and Nicole are higher than this. That is just wrong on so many levels, and Rachel never appeared since season 1, and GUMBALL AND CARRIE ARE NOT A COUPLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! - 445956

In The Scam, they are planning a date at the end of the episode. - laci9

Darwin wouldn't be together with Carrie. Rachel is better. - 05yusuf09

Carries 2 years older this is eww although it's a real one - EliWatterson

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7 Masami and Darwin

No masami bosses him around - EliWatterson

8 Principle Brown and Miss Simian
9 Gumball and Nicole

You guys are creeps. - 445956

What the WHAT - EliWatterson

10 Tobias and Penny


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11 Masami and Alan
12 Larry Needlemeyer and Karen

I'm surprised I didn't even see this one on here. I ship Larry*Karen more then any ship I've ever shipped. They most definitely belong together.

13 Gumball and Darwin
14 Gumball and the Evil Turtle
15 Moonchild Corneille and Nurse

In the episode titled “The cage”, the nurse and Corneille have a newly started bond.

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