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21 The Limit

This episode was brilliant. It was pretty terrifying when Nicole went crazy, but still really funny. The entire episode was brilliant.

I don't understand why people hate this episode so much, I mean come on.

Doughnut Sheriff is not arrest in here right now.

This needs to be lower, because who put this here was drunk.

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22 The Party

Whoo! Want more of Rachel!

More Rachel! The show needs more Rachel

I hate this episode and Rachel as a whole. - 445956

23 The Fridge

Notice how this is a lot like the hunger games... Kinda

The pinball but was epic, and remember kids:
"If life gives you lemons, squeeze the lemons back in life's eyes! "

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24 The Spoiler

Great episode. This show is getting even funnier and crazier with every episode. And Darwin thought that Gumball can make cheese with his breasts

The best scene was Gumball and penny's phone call for me, because after the mirror I thought it was over between them

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25 The Scam

This isn't out yet, but it sounds great.

I Fell Weird Saying This But I'm Going To Do It... I LOVE THAT DARWIN AND CARRIE LOVE EACH OTHER... Done by the way This Episode Was Great - Stevenpenguin

26 The Copycats

This episode is a roast against the Amazing World of Gumball's Chinese Ripoff, this episode is the perfect example of what Dark Comedy is, and I LOVE It!

Best episode so far. They even roast the real-life Gumall copycats in this episode! Hilarious! Even the way the episode was set up is awesome and it's good that my favorite actors went out with a bang.

A must watch episode. It's funny, and it's super epic at the end.

It is so funny how they just make fun of the real life rip-off of the show.

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27 The Origins

It way too funny. This is the episode when Darwin meets Gumball. This is funny due to how the other fishes die of an accident.

Why do people hate this episode? Its awesome. - SarahMcDerp

I put this on, and its already popular.

How are The Crapmantic and The Crapbot above this animated masterpiece? - 445956

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28 The Signal

Funniest episode ever!

29 The Authority
30 The Painting
31 The Return

This episode is hilarious! Richard is so funny and I was laughing the whole time. - awesomesauce20345

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32 The Responsible

This should be higher. Though I prefer seasons 2 3 and 4, it is the funniest. Favorites: The Name The Remote The Void The Origins The Nobody The Countdown The Hero and The Responsible After that is The Shell

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33 The Laziest

This is a cool episode the only episodes better are the refund and the fridge

I hated Richard in this one

Please do it Larry!

Top 5 WORST - 445956

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34 Halloween

DARWIN KISSED CARRIE! Finally! Darwin should have his love stories, not just Gumball!

I love this episode

I'm confused is Darwin love Carrie or Tobias sister?

This is an amazing episode

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35 The Mystery

My all time favorite. - aarond9010

36 The Choices

This episode is really heartwarming.

This should be at Number One.


37 The Gi


38 The Recipe

This episode was so rocky and super funny

39 The Gripes

This episode is mean spirited and a very inappropriate gumball episode. It is my least favorite episode.

They lied to US nope you just went there the characters at their worst here

Why is this episode on the best list? This episode was terrible. The citizens of Elmore were being idiots and wouldn't leave Gumball and Darwin alone.

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40 The Treasure

I really like this episode! Especially when Gumball hypnotized Darwin to speak French

This is the funniest episode besides the guy

Love the Internet mess and the bad luck that Richard got with the webpage crud.

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