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41 The Puppy

This is hands down the funniest episode ever - Spencer-67

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42 The Signature V 1 Comment
43 The Fury

This episode had so many anime references it was unreal. The fight scene at the end was badass.

Nicole's true Power was shown in this episode, and it was truly EPIC...

The Anime fight scene was better than ALL anime fight scenes

The most epic fight scene ever

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44 The Disaster V 2 Comments
45 The Hero

The part where Richard was singing made me cry...
And the worst part was my dad called at the same time...
My dad told me he loved me so I cried even more... ! - gumballgal123

So was the most emotional episode ever with one of the most intense scenes.

I love that episode, it's so funny when Richard starts going oh oh oh oh

People hated Gumball in this episode but imp actully on Gumballs side here, I really hated Nicole in this one

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46 The Nest

When the evil turtle makes the call for her kids to come follow her, I saw what they (the production team) did with that one scene with guy in the shower. Of course, the baby turtle raised its head above the guy's right shoulder instead.

There were a few amazing jokes in this episode, the ones I laughed the hardest at were the ones that went far over my brothers head!

47 The Words

Goku appears when gumball says..."LETS NAIL THIS PUNK! "

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48 The Rerun
49 The Spoon

This episode is clearly the best I love how richard freaks out after he said he didn't get mom anything this episode is great a spoon can't hurt anyone and how the cop put nico, ein jail by accident also how Gumball and Darwin thought the Dangerous Criminal was a charity man also How Darwin only knows the numbers 2,5,7,9

If you put it in logic, they were scared because it was the first move in the hostage inside the shop and it will eventually move to a physical situation.

If it weren't for this episode I would have never watched Gumball at all

I would watch this episode for the rest of my life if I could

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50 The Kids

We enjoy while we can we enjoy it while we kids we enjoy where there's still time to make the most of it!

Best song in whole series is in this episode.

I put the kids on the list

My favorite episode

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51 The Watch

This is the only episode I haven't seen

52 The Third
53 The Compilation
54 The Castle

(Deep voice) " Your going to clean up this mess till it looks better then when you arrived. then you will leave and never come back."

The father is hilarious and can't say no, and let's everybody to everything, the break our legs joke, ending in a chaotic mess!

Very good episode. And awesome ending.

Lunch song remix 2016 - SarahMcDerp

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55 The Pony
56 The Downer

The song is great! It sounds German or something in a way... The part with the darkness is the best, though.

This episode proves that Gumball can handle an episode all on his own

It was HILARIOUS when gumball has the evil face

It is by far the best episode in the whole series.

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57 The Joy

I love this episode personally. Especially how Penny gets infected, as she is my least favorite character. Besides the fact she was left as all the others: frothing rainbow drooling dialated eyes and smiling like a creep. She pisses me off every time I see her shell version. Thank got The Shell came out. She actually looks cute.

This episode was somehow creepy yet funny at the same time.

Nice zombie movies parody. There's even dark ending.

This episode was so awesome

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58 The Console

I like the anime references in this one.

This deserves to be #1.


59 The Best

I was just laughing and crying through out the entire thing. "Maybe you should check you privilege! "

Gumball became an SJW, need I say more? Plus, we needed a Carman-centric plot sooner or later. This episode was so hilarious!

This is my new favorite episode. This episode makes fun of SJWs, so its an automatic win for me - Cartoonfan202

60 The Puppets

This was such a climactic and horrific episode, but in the best way possible! - blippy117

Don't hug me I'm scared refrence

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