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61 The Bus

Hi-jacking and High speed chase with really funny dialog.

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62 The Console

I like the anime references in this one.


63 The Car V 1 Comment
64 The Fan

I love this super super super super funny episode Sarah is so funny I love her

This episode was one of the best episode ever

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65 The Saint

I personally found this episode great!

This is the worst episode gimbal is a total jerk

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66 The Phone

This was a very good one I loved the battle near the end

Ocho needed a major roll so THANK GOD for this.

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67 The Butterfly

It was awesome how a tornado can be created by a butterfly!

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68 The Pest

"Gumball goes Super Saiyan for real!

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69 The Advice V 2 Comments
70 The Voice V 1 Comment
71 The Promise

The promise is one of the best episodes in the series I'll tell you why one word:Gumbag.

72 The Apology
73 The Mustache

Just being a funny

74 The Date V 1 Comment
75 The Internet

So many great moments in this one. The first Gumball I ever saw, and made an instant fan out of me. Nice higher-level commentary on the Internet, too.

Very good episode. They even used famous "Ghost Car" YouTube video. And Gumball's reaction to it was hilarious.

76 The Procrastinators

My favourite episodes top 3
3. The lesson
2. The tape
1. The procrastinators
Honorable mentions : the dress, the shell, the internet and the joy

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77 The Countdown

The one where they time traveled made me laugh

Act like gangsters part was funny

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78 The Name

Every show's got to have an alter-ego episode.

Zac sounds awesome. I kind of want that name.

This should be like first or second.

79 The Money

Hilarious! Especially the part where Gumboil imagines all those random things! I love how the graphics start degrading. Creative!

The imagination part is hilarious, and the 4th wall break during the climax is so funny and creative! Breaking down all of the animation done in the video until there's nothing left...brilliant! The fake Japanese commercial was the icing on the cake. - Penguincamp

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80 The Egg

Good episode but I hate Billy's mom

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