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61 The Joy

I love this episode personally. Especially how Penny gets infected, as she is my least favorite character. Besides the fact she was left as all the others: frothing rainbow drooling dialated eyes and smiling like a creep. She pisses me off every time I see her shell version. Thank got The Shell came out. She actually looks cute.

This episode was somehow creepy yet funny at the same time.

Nice zombie movies parody. There's even dark ending.

This episode was so awesome

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62 The Best

I was just laughing and crying through out the entire thing. "Maybe you should check you privilege! "

This is my new favorite episode. This episode makes fun of SJWs, so its an automatic win for me - Cartoonfan202

Gumball became an SJW, need I say more? Plus, we needed a Carman-centric plot sooner or later. This episode was so hilarious!

63 The Puppets

This was such a climactic and horrific episode, but in the best way possible! - blippy117

Don't hug me I'm scared refrence

64 The Storm

I love this episode because this episode is Alan and Carmen major episode. I love this couple. I think that this couple is the best couple in the show.

The jokes in this episode are all interesting

Alan is very good character

Best episode! I love alan & carmen because they are very cute.this episode proves alan & carmen are very cute and best couple!

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65 The Parking
66 The Lie

Not just my best gumball episode my second best cartoon episode

Three words, Rocky's Grindcore impression. this HAS TO BE HERE!

Awesome episode. Great idea for new holiday.

This should be a holiday

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67 The Void

This was really cool. I forgot about Molly myself.

It's Not My Favorite,But,I Really Enjoyed This Episode,and it Had a Good,But Creepy Plot!

68 The Advice

Mr. small finally gets a major role!

Go Mr smalls

69 The Bus

Hi-jacking and High speed chase with really funny dialog.

I've been waiting for the return of dr wrecker.

70 The Parasite
71 The Sucker
72 The Car

Good epesode!

73 The Fan

I love this super super super super funny episode Sarah is so funny I love her

This episode was one of the best episode ever

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74 The Saint

I personally found this episode great!

How can you not love Alan's face

This is the worst episode gimbal is a total jerk

Gumball is sooo bad... ((so funny

75 The Procrastinators

My favourite episodes top 3
3. The lesson
2. The tape
1. The procrastinators
Honorable mentions : the dress, the shell, the internet and the joy

Why is this one so low in the list, its clearly one of the best episodes, its resemblance to my dayly life is just so accurate

This episode was extremely hilarious
"oh hi! " I was dying

76 The Phone

Ocho needed a major roll so THANK GOD for this.

This was a very good one I loved the battle near the end

It was bad. Darwin became a phone addict gerk

Needs to be SO MUCH HIGHER

77 The Butterfly

It was awesome how a tornado can be created by a butterfly!

Tornados tornados TORNADOS!

78 The Pest

"Gumball goes Super Saiyan for real!



79 The Voice

"What the What?!?!?! "

80 The Promise

The promise is one of the best episodes in the series I'll tell you why one word:Gumbag.

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