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81 The Name

Every show's got to have an alter-ego episode.

Zac sounds awesome. I kind of want that name.

This should be like first or second.

82 The Money

Hilarious! Especially the part where Gumboil imagines all those random things! I love how the graphics start degrading. Creative!

The imagination part is hilarious, and the 4th wall break during the climax is so funny and creative! Breaking down all of the animation done in the video until there's nothing left...brilliant! The fake Japanese commercial was the icing on the cake. - Penguincamp

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83 The Egg

Good episode but I hate Billy's mom

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84 The Wand

Why is this Lower? This is such a funny episode. I've been watching this since a kid.

85 The Oracle

This was the creepiest episode.

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86 The Flakers

I love this episode. Richard is hilarious when he is on anesthetics. Probably one of the funniest, incredibly witty and most amazing episodes ever made. Should definitely have more recognition.

87 The Virus
88 The Slap
89 The Goons
90 The Sidekick
91 The Lesson

Really funny detention Alcatraz mess and I love the time bomb kid. Principal brown was like a head guard.

92 The Prank

This episode is very mean spirited

This won is funny when gumball and Darwin prank Richard and ask him does this ketchup look funny to you and gumall fires ketchup at Richard pretty fun.

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93 The Authority
94 The Flight

Ha! Richard doing the bunny hop! Hilarious. This I would rate as the 11th best. - awgumballcraz

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95 The Extras

Very good episode. After I watched I noticed most of the characters that I hadn't seen. But it should have had all the characters, not just the back round.

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96 The Vacation

My favourite episode. It's so funny and great parody of cannibal movies such as The Hills Have Eyes and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Plus lots of hilarious jokes.

97 The Club
98 The Pizza

Good episode. And nice Mad Max parody.

99 The Friend
100 The Pressure
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