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101 The Uncle
102 The Parasite
103 The Virus
104 The Hug

This is my favorite gumball episode ever! The tent scene almost killed me with laughter!

This episode is great, but the only one thing which put it down from brilliant is Gumball and The Hot Dog Guy's ridiculous face

I almost peed a little at the tent scene. The awkwardness was hilariously intriguing

Best episode by far, why is it so low?

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105 The Prank

This episode is very mean spirited

This won is funny when gumball and Darwin prank Richard and ask him does this ketchup look funny to you and gumall fires ketchup at Richard pretty fun.

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106 The Sweaters

Agreed, it parodies a trope that SO MANY shows/movies do. Loved it.

WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE LIST YET?! The Sweaters is an absolutely HILLARIOUS parody of movies like Karate Kid, and I honestly never stopped laughing while I watched it!

What episodes aren't on this list

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107 The Sidekick
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