Top Ten Best the Amazing World of Gumball Season 1 Episodes

The amazing world of Gumball is my favourite cartoon show so enjoy the lists I make

The Top Ten

1 The Dress

This was weird but funny.

Weird don't even saying that nindjas and they didn't give any colors of mixopolis? ( Booger mixels)

This one is so funny Darwin and gumball would be gay if gumball would have let Darwin kiss him but they kissed in the episode the kiss as well

2 The Refund
3 The Pressure
4 The Painting

This episode was sweet and funny

5 The Party
6 The Responsible

This was the first episode I saw. - Pony

My first episode too!

This episode was just plain funny! 😹

7 The Goons
8 The Spoon
9 The DVD

This should be 1

I dislike the 1st shows, so I hope that one nowatching about TAWOG ( jamzy my mixies leader in real life)

10 The Gi

Should be higher than 15! - Pony

The Contenders

11 The Kiss
12 The End
13 The Bumpkin
14 The Robot

There is one best line in this episode. Gumball: I really wish that something that once seemed insignificant would come out and help me right now. Then Darwin comes out from nowhere. Great Line. - Dreamformusic

15 The Secret
16 The Ghost
17 The Club

This ep is the best episode in s1.

18 The Quest
19 The Prank
20 The Mustache
21 The Tape
22 The Mystery
23 The Meddler

This was my favorite Episode The Best, This Should Be The Number 1

24 The Third
25 The Helmet
26 The Car
27 The Debt
28 The Fight
29 The Date
30 The Curse
31 The Ape
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