Top Ten Amazing World of Gumball Season 3 Episodes

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1 The Joy

Huh, joy zombies... Did not expect that.

In my opinion the joy is the best episode so far

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2 The Kids

I just love the song in this episode!

The rap in this episode is genius.

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3 The Name

Best episode ever! Zac was really cool.

Best episode! Zac was really cool. I loved it when Zac changed Gumballs memories. I personally think Zac is a better

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4 The Shell

This is the episode that showed that The Amazing World of Gumball isn't afraid to break status quo and have something happen to the main characters. The animation is great in this episode and this episode does things that people never thought this show would do.

People should vote for this episode. It's controversial.

The Only good season 3 episode


5 The Fan
6 The Coach
7 The Triangle

I loved the episode.

8 The Extras

I love the scene in it where the gummy bear sings!

9 The Recipe

1 Anton 2 Anton 100 Anton

10 The Void

This definitely was one of the most interesting episodes, as it uncovers a lot of hidden mysteries and answered a bunch of questions about the series.
It's still a bit unclear:
-How was The Void made?
-Why does The Void care so much about the mistakes the world has made?
And it also had some really funny scenes
"Darwin:What have you lost, Mister Small?
Gumball: His marbles? "
This may be down now, but trust me, this is going to get in the top 10! - Comi03

I don't understand what happened

A deep episode indeed...

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11 The Puppy

That is one heck of a puppy

12 The Vacation

It has not come out yet but it should be good!

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13 The Gripes

The gripes was super amazing this is one o my favorite episodes

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14 The Fraud

Laugh out loud this is one of the best

THIS is great episode

15 The Butterfly

I love this episode. Gumball and Darwin unleash a teeny little butterfly into the world - and destroy society. I love how this show is nonsense!

16 The Countdown
17 The Bros
18 The Nobody

I wonder... if Illuminati got stuck in the void and that's why we haven't found it.

This was one of the best episodes ever. My third favorite episode out of all three seasons.
1. The Name 2. The Remote 3. The Nobody

19 The Safety
20 The Pizza
21 The Man
22 The Saint
23 The Procrastinators

It's so funny nicole want gumball and darwin to take out the trash wile they don't but through away their moms groceries

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24 The Money

This one is... a little odd. Remember to eat your Joyful Burgers kids! WAIT what IF THE BURGERS MADE THE JOY VIRUS TOO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!

25 The Allergy

Disastrous but still a good one, especially when darwin sneezed and everything flew up in the sky

26 The Flower

This is season 2


Jealues be gone jelues be gone

This isn't even S3 its S2.

27 The Oracle
28 The Disaster

Rob fights Gumball.

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