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1 What is Love?

This song is the cutest song in the series! I love this song!

2 What He Thinks About Us

I love this song! It was that awesome!

It's just awesome! You have to admit!

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3 Refund the World

Refund the world, refund it sooner, upstanding the rights that jimmy had as a consumer! It sounds kind of sad and even though it's not true I think it's the best song

REFUND THE WORLD is awesome with a capitol A.A IS FOR awesome AND awesome IS awesome.Cool right.I said am I right.

And even though he still had the receipt!

So laugh out loud song I got in my head

4 No More Gi

I love this song and that's all I have to say

5 I Wanna Be Free
6 Honesty Rap

It's hilarious... But really I'm just voting because Mr. Small did it. If someone like... Uh, Ms. Simian (Brr, awkward picture in my mind now) rapped, I wouldn't vote :D

7 The Dumb Song
8 Without You

Loved this song because this song is very beautiful.

Amazing songļ¼ I love Darwin.

9 Pizza Rap
10 I Wanna Study With Your Daughter

Disliked like nanny nanny nanny Mixadel favorite song like mixels dislike TAWOG,PPG,adventure time

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? Be Your Own You
? Mixopolis Dance Off Boogers Song

Share this song to your friends Hand don't forget to watch nixels nixels go away

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11 Goodbye (The Uncle Song)

Best song in the entire series

Best song in the show

I love this song


12 Banana Dance
13 Nobody's a Nobody

It makes you happy when you feel like a nobody.

I love this song. Mmuch better than refund the world.

The song definitely shows what its like in Elmore

14 Gumball Style

Ugly song ugly song I love murpball songs

15 Books are Violent V 1 Comment
16 How Low Would You Go
17 Make the Most of It

This one is really good in my opinion!

18 She's the Best
19 If Life Gives You Lemons
20 Banana Whistle Song

Well, it's kinda catchy.

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