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1 What is Love?

This song is the cutest song in the series! I love this song!

Baby don’t hurt me - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 I Wanna Be Free
3 What He Thinks About Us

I love this song! It was that awesome!

It's just awesome! You have to admit!

I like this song so much!

Ini lagu yang mana

4 Refund the World

Refund the world, refund it sooner, upstanding the rights that jimmy had as a consumer! It sounds kind of sad and even though it's not true I think it's the best song

REFUND THE WORLD is awesome with a capitol A.A IS FOR awesome AND awesome IS awesome.Cool right.I said am I right.

And even though he still had the receipt!

Refnd the world should be THE INTRO to the show

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5 No More Gi

I love this song and that's all I have to say

6 Nobody's a Nobody

Nobody's a nobody and everyone is weird like you and me!

It makes you happy when you feel like a nobody.

This is my number 1# gumball song

Ok guys, is this a joke that this isn't number one right...oh it isn't, well...

Nobodys a nobody and everybodys weird like you and me.

You can walk, run, swim, roll, hop, skip, or fly.

If you go in many ways, your my kinda guy

Difference dosen't matter, if nobodys the same

There's no clouds alike in the great big sky!

You can be a robot,

a banana

a T-rex

a half a sandwich

a flaming ball

a missing link

or your mom could be witch!

Nobody's a Nobody and everyone is weird just like Sussie

I'f your as fragle as paper

or made of nothing at all

you still won't be as weird as a potato head

or a flying eyeball

nobody's a nobody and every like you me

You're age dosn't matter its only skin deep

win I'm around you, JoJo, my peacemaker skips a beat

Nobodys a nobody and everybody is weird like you and me!

So don't be scared to come out of your ...more

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7 Be Your Own You
8 I Wanna Study With Your Daughter

Disliked like nanny nanny nanny Mixadel favorite song like mixels dislike TAWOG,PPG,adventure time

9 Honesty Rap

It's hilarious... But really I'm just voting because Mr. Small did it. If someone like... Uh, Ms. Simian (Brr, awkward picture in my mind now) rapped, I wouldn't vote :D

I was thinking about this rap in math the other day😂😂 I don't know why

10 Without You

Loved this song because this song is very beautiful.

Amazing song! I love Darwin.

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11 The Dumb Song
12 Inner Warrior
13 Goodbye (The Uncle Song)

Best song in the entire series

Amazing. Best vocals. I know ALL the words to it, too.

Best song in the show

#16? This song is wonderful. I thought that no more good gumball songs since nicolas cantu started acting. Proved me wrong.

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14 Christmas is Cancelled
15 Pizza Rap
16 Make the Most of It

This one is really good in my opinion!

17 No More Mr. Nice Guy
18 Banana Dance

Haha never gets old... :3

19 Gumball Style

Ugly song ugly song I love murpball songs

20 Books are Violent

Hilarious song that also makes a great point

This is the funniest song in the show.I love this song.

I cannot put into words how muh I love this song! It is hilarious, and at the same time it proves a point! Although I am not a fan of video games, I do agree it is dumb that schools let us have access to such violent books, and don’t let kindergarteners play cowboy and fake shoot each other. I love the reactions on the adults faces while the kids are singing, and I DIED when they just burned all the books! This song should definitely be higher on the list.

21 Faith Song

It shows how the world really works and the encouraging message at the end this one is one of the best in my opinion

I watch this song whenever I have a bad day or start losing faith in humanity. I love the great inspiring message, that we should never lose hope. I didn't know a kids cartoon could do things like this. So uplifting 💖

22 The Wicked Song
23 You Gotta Think Big
24 There Can Only Be One
25 The Fun Will Never End

Top at least 3

26 How Low Would You Go
27 She's the Best
28 We are the Senior Citizens
29 Donut Song

Doughnut Sheriff and those policeman’s song is Colonel Hathi’s March from the jungle book. He is a March control. Marching band. March. March. March. Hup two three four. Hup two three four. Company hold.

30 Nanny Nanny Nanny

Why are these stupid Mixels songs in this list? Delete them ASAP! - bugger

Mixadel is try to sing about nanny nanny nanny watch it now in every knight has its day.

31 Take My Advice
32 I'm on My Way
33 He’s Back
34 If It's Too Hard to Forgive

This song is emotionally striking. It's the best in Gumball, and by far the most heartwarming song in the show.

When I first watched The Parents (spoilers! ), I was surprised to know that Nicole's parents would return. It was sweet to know they did and how much they aged. What really hit me was the song, 'If It's Too Hard to Forgive'. This song was sung beautifully by Nicholas Cantu (Gumball), and mixed with Doctor (Nicole, her first name is Doctor), Daniel, and Mary's small heartwarming goodbye and soon reconcile, I cried my eyes out.

I myself lost a few family members, and although this song is about Christmas presents, it hit me hard with feels and emotions. Reading through others' opinions on this song, it seems I'm not alone.

If you're interested in Gumball and its songs, I encourage you to watch The Parents/listen to 'If It's Too Hard to Forgive'. You won't regret listening to it.

Best Cartoon Song!

35 I Prefer All My Food Fried
36 If Life Gives You Lemons
37 Banana Whistle Song

Well, it's kinda catchy.

38 Sugar Rush
39 I Say Banana
40 Wired Like You and Me

It is the best song of the entire series

41 Opening Theme
42 The Day We
43 Reflection Song

Nicole singing, Nicole is sit down and do very upset until Doughnut Sheriff in find out.

44 Part of the World

Nicole is so happy song

45 My Little Ones
46 Murp Ball
47 Mixopolis Dance Off Boogers Song

That's from Mixels :/

Share this song to your friends Hand don't forget to watch nixels nixels go away

48 Your Life Doesn't Count!
49 Life Ain't Perfect
50 I’m Employee of the Month

Oh. In by away. Nicole is rap every day. Oh my gosh. She rapping at the rainbow factory. She’s dancing. Dance. Dance. Dance. Well done pal.

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