Top 10 the Amazing World of Gumball Voice Actors

Usually, my lists follow IMDB's list and I have very strict rules about those lists. But the IMDB list is a complete mess, do whatever the heck you want with this one.

The Top Ten

1 Logan Grove

The original Gumball. (Besides Nicky Jones, known for voicing Chowder, who voiced him in the pilot. - 445956

2 Kwesi Boakye

The original voice of Darwin (Besides Jake Pratt, who voiced him in the pilot) - 445956

3 Jacob Hopkins Jacob Hopkins Jacob Turner Hopkins is an American actor. He is known for playing the role as Alexander Drew in True Blood, and for playing the voice of Gumball, in The Amazing World of Gumball, replacing Logan Grove starting from season 3. However in mid-season 5, he was replaced by Nicolas Cantu, whereas his voice more.

The second voice of Gumball. - 445956

4 Terrell Ransom Jr.

The second voice of Darwin - 445956

5 Nicholas Cantu

The 3rd voice of Gumball - 445956

6 Donielle T. Hansley Jr.

The third voice of Darwin - 445956

7 Kyla Rae Kowalewski Kyla Rae Kowalewski

The voice of Anais - 445956

8 Teresa Gallagher

The voice of Nicole and Penny - 445956

9 Dan Russell

The voice of Richard and other characters - 445956

10 Hugo Harold-Harrison

The voice of several characters - 445956

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