Top 10 Most Amazing and Inspiring Movies of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Warrior

About two brothers who take seperate paths and fight in MMA - Cain

2 Enter the Dragon

Bruce lees finest he has also done a lot more classic movies but this is just on of his best - Cain

3 Scum

Shocking life of a hooligan in borstal - Cain

4 The Revenant

New movie abot a man whos brother is killed and tries to seek revenge - Cain

5 The Krays

This is about the krays growing up - Cain

6 In the Heart of the Sea

About the legendary whale the moby dick - Cain

7 Clueless
8 Mean Girls
9 The Hot Chick

Inspiring? This is one of the worst movies ever made!

10 Titanic

A love story about the biggest ship in history which hid an ice burg and sunk - Cain

The Contenders

11 White Chicks
12 Rocky Balboa

About rocky and his career as a boxer - Cain

13 Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
14 The Clique
15 Snatch

Cool movie with a wide range of people my favourite is tyrone - Cain

16 Thirteen
17 The Breakfast Club
18 Legend

About the two kray brothers and their life around London - Cain

19 The Shawshank Redemption

The Best Movie in The World!

20 Sleepover
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