Top 10 America's Got Talent Season 11 Acts

Which AGT season 11 acts were your favorites? Which ones stood out to you the most? Which ones were just the best?

The Top Ten America's Got Talent Season 11 Acts

1 Tape Face

Tape Face was hilarious - SLAG

2 Grace Van der Waal

The best, hands down.

3 The Clairvoyants

I wish they would have won. Grace was good, but not really an amusing act for $1,000,000 and a show in Las Vegas. The Clairvoyants Act was phenomenal and beyond spectacular. - cosmo

4 Brian Justin Crum
5 Laura Bretan
6 Linkin Bridge
7 Jon Dorenbos
8 Calysta Bevier
9 Sofie Dossi
10 Steven Brundage

He took a simple Rubik's cube and found a way to transform it into something more magical than anyone could have imagined. That is why he made it all the way to the semi-finals.

The Contenders

11 Viktor Kee

Best Juggler I have ever seen very impressive how he could change his act so much time after time.

12 Edgar
13 Mr Splat
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