America's Next Top Model Contestants Who Didn't Win But Should Have

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1 Allison Harvard - Cycle 12

Oh man! I hate the fact that she was the runner up for two seasons ( season 12 and all stars season 17). She is so cute, sweet and interesting as a person.

She definitely should have won because she had a very interesting look and she was taking amazing photos every single week. At first she had an awkward runway walk but she fixed it. I liked Teyona too but Allison was better than her. Teyona is more suitable for commercials, she is better as a spokesperson and she has the face that Covergirl wants but Allison is more likely than Teyona to have a big international career because of her unique features and her interesting and different poses. She is very creative as a person and you can see that through her photos.

Very unique and amazing model.. The type of model that everyone would love. Bankable model.

She should have won Cycle 17, she was much better than she was in Cycle 12.

2 Analeigh Tipton - Cycle 11

Analeigh should have won that cycle! She was the best of the bunch. And yes, she started off a little bit weak but she got stronger and she had better photos than McKey and more interesting personality.

Analeigh is by far the most robbed ANTM contestant. Every single photo she took was absolutely stunning - I don't even remember her taking a bad shot or struggling in a photoshoot. She has a very commercial look and she's the ideal CoverGirl - she has that easy, breezy, beautiful style going on. However, I can also see her in Vogue because she took some of the most highfashion photos in the history of the show. Her personality was sweet, funny, bubbly and approachable - everything that Tyra loves. I don't know why she left, I really don't. She kinda messed up her commercial but she still delivered her lines and looked gorgeous. She should have been with Samantha in the finale, I never really liked McKey as a model, she wasn't so memorable for me.

3 Brittany Brower - Cycle 4

The fact the judges eliminated her because "she didn't want it that much as the other girl (naima)" it was bogus. She was the better model. And it sucks she was eliminated first in the All Stars season while they kept drama queen Alexandria.

She wasn't that special. I never really liked her as model and her personality was... Well, I don't really remember. She is not memorable at all, that's why she was the first to go home in Cycle 17 and she deserved it.

In my opinion I cycle 4 it was her time to go but in all stars was robbed

It doesn't matter if she was a better model, at that time, it was about the passion, and if Tyra said that she didn't want it, then she wasn't meant to stay.

4 Katarzyna Dolinska - Cycle 10

Katarzyna was an incredible model. She had some of the best photos in the history of the show and I still don't understand why she was eliminated that early. In my opinion, she should have won because she had real modeling potential and you can tell that now as she is a very succesful international model and she has done a bunch of stuff since her apperance in the show. I like that because by that she proves Tyra that she was wrong for eliminating her. In general I was disappointed by that cycle because the winner was totally unexpected for me (and not in a good way). I'm not hating on Whitney, I admire what she stands for but she's not model material. I can't believe Tyra let girls like Katarzyna, Lauren and Fatima just walk away from the competition and she chose Whitney to be the winner.

She is such a stunning model and I just love her photos and her runway walk! She was a really nice person too. Didn't cause too much drama. She was quiet.

I think Anya should have won, but Katarzyna should have been in the Top 2. She deserved it. She is one of the most highfashion girls in the history of the show, she can rock any hairstyle and she's also a very nice and polite girl, something rare in the modeling world because most of the girls are too competitive and mean.

I loved her! She was definitely the most high fashion model besides Whitney and Anya!

5 Melrose Bickerstaff - Cycle 7

I'm going to be hated but this is how I run it cycle 1: adrianne and shannon (tie) for me cycle 2: mercedes 100 cycle 3: Toccara Jones but janice eliminated and tyra has no back bone but honestly for a second I thought they were going to go with Amanda a front runner throughout the competition but we ended with ever and yaya to black girls with bad attitudes so.. Cycle 4: kahleen(should have)/ tiffany/ naima (winner) I really love these season because the had less drama and the character you can relate to the feeling left out and loneliness of kahleen the down and out life of tiffany or the racial backlash of being different so I really thought this season was a gold mine and was by far the best.. Cycle 5 call the hit man for me I hate Nicole she fake, boring and arrogant who should of won Nik or bre. Cycle 6 just like cycle 4.. I really loved danielle and joanie and people been dissing her for her accent but those to had the best top models books of any season and were good friends ...more

Many people didn't like her personality but she was very talented as top model. She was much better than actual winner of this cycle - Magnolia

Melrose took better pictures and is more commercial

She is the most beautiful contestant from Cycle 7! Very highfashion!

6 Nina Burns - Cycle 20

Nina was robbed- enough said.

Nina has the model looks.She should have won.

7 Joanie Dodds - Cycle 6

She consistently had the best photos, was the best speaker, and was the clear winner despite the judges' decision!

Joanie slay the competition every single week... but because Tyra forgot her meds, Joanie pay the price.

8 Chantal Jones - Cycle 9

Chantal is amazing. She's a highfashion model while she can also do commericals and be a spokesperson. She also has a sweet, warm and relatable personality. Saleisha had modeling potential and previous experience that made her more confident with her look and her photoshoots but I personally think that she lacked Chantal's natural charisma. What is more, Chantal had awesome photos from the start and she continued to be great until the end of the competition while Saleisha started off weak and became stronger in the 10th episode.

Saleisha Stowers looked like cheap amateur compared to this girl. Judges have no taste at all - Magnolia

Saleisha won because of her personality. Chantal had amazing photos and way stronger photos than Saleisha but she lacked Saleisha's spirit and personality.

9 Kahlen Rondot - Cycle 4

Kahlen was the best

10 Brooke Miller - Cycle 7

Got eliminated for a photo that wasn't the worst of the bunch after getting the best photo the week before
The most unfair elimination of that cycle - Elextric

The Contenders

11 Yaya DaCosta - Cycle 3

I was rooting for Amanda and Yaya, I was surprised that ever won.

I was shocked when ugly as hell ever won. What a nonsense. Yaya ruled this cycle - Magnolia

12 Raina Hein - Cycle 14

Yes, Krista has great portfolio, but Krista's covergirl is terrible! Raina has a better covergirl. But Judges judge on their portfolio the whole!

I do believe Raina should have won. But you know she faced Krista.. Not Teyona, she was cycle 12.

Raina is so beautiful, I don't agree at all that Teyona should have won. Raina is far more beautiful than Teyona.

13 Leila Goldkuhl - Cycle 19

Leila is high fashion and deserved to win! If she didn't fall on the runway, she can win!

She was so high fashion! but honestly their loss. she's now walking for designers like, givenchy, fendi, D&G, and so on..

14 Renee Alway - Cycle 8

She should have been in the top 2, I'm not sure if she should have won because I definitely think that Danielle ruled that cycle, no competition.

The fact that she is old cannot be a reason of being eliminated. Why jessica of asntm s1. She had good portfolio

15 Shandi Sullivan - Cycle 2

Hands down should have won-one of the highest fashion girls they ever had.

16 Erin Wagner - Cycle 13
17 Kristin Kagay - Cycle 19

Hell no

18 Jenah Doucette - Cycle 9

Alongside Allison and Anya, this is the poster girl for being ROBBED. Week after week she turned out some of the strongest photos in the bunch with no past experience (the same can't be said for sanitised Disney Saleisha). A lot of the girls that appear on the show with the strongest photos in the bunch often have weaker runway walks, such as Lenox and Allison, but this girl had it all. The ridiculous and obviously false 'bitch' edit only gave her a sense of humor as Tyra and the production crew tried to come up with some sort of excuse to boot her from the show so that Saleisha could be put against 'a weaker competitor' that would easily grant her the win. Tyffirmative Tyction robbed Jenah of the win she so clearly deserved.

19 Anya Kop - Cycle 10

She was so beautiful and she had personality. Don't get me wrong, I love Whitney and she was very strong and beautiful, and good role model, but Anya had what it takes to be on top.

I mean come on when put on a gown she made it look high fashion. At the last judging she looked ready for Paris.Whitney was so basic. Honorable mention: Marjorie Conrad cycle 11. Tyra your an idiot. She always awards the least stunning.

Anya had a great portfolio and she is so high fashion and fierce! But for me, Whitney is just a pretty girl

She has beauty pictures

20 Hannah Jones - Cycle 16

Hannah is an amazing model, so was Jaclyn. They were above the nicest people who modeled Cycle 16. I so wish the finals had them competing. I wonder what they are doing now, I hope enjoying much happiness and success.

21 Brittany Hatch - Cycle 8

Beautiful, cute, charismatic, unique and interesting girl. Brittany was the most memorable contestant from cycle 8 - Magnolia

22 Heather Kuzmich - Cycle 9

She is so sweet, such a nice person. As a top model, she is fierce and amazing! TOP MODEL but also a ROLE MODEL.

If not Chantal then this girl - Magnolia

She should have won
Beauty and nice person

23 Brittany Brown - Cycle 19

She was so underrated and the photo that got her eliminated was actually pretty good. Kiaras photo was much worse.

24 Leila Goldkuhl - Cycle 29

Cycle 29! I look forward to it, hopefully she won't be too old by then though.

What were they thinking.

25 Khristiana - Cycle 23

She should have won because she constantly produced good photos and did improve and totally beat out the other girls. One was eliminated and the other took time to get better

26 Diana Zalewski - Cycle 8

They should have given her a chance - Magnolia

27 A.J. Stewart - Cycle 7
28 Fatima Siad - Cycle 10

She had amazing photos and deserved to be in that final runway she, Anya or Katarzyna should have won not Whitney she was too fake.

29 Kayla Ferrel - Cycle 15

Kayla should have won. She should have been in the Top 2 with Ann and she should have won. She had the personality, the potential and the most stunning photos. Ann was Tyra's favorite but Kayla struggled to be on top. She also wanted to be the first lesbian winner, so she had a bigger goal than just winning and be succesful, she wanted to do something about her community.

Although Ann was photo of the week every week it just shows they have favoritsm towards Ann. She was just some skinny ass stick that "girls will look up to". Well what made me mad was that dhe wasnt in the top 2 even when she ha photo of the week twice while other girl who face against Ann had none.

30 Lauren Brie Harding - Cycle 11

She had some of the best photos on antm and had great high fashion alienesque looks and it was a total shock when she came 8th

31 Alexandria Everett - Cycle 16

This girl was stunning, turned out great photos and had such a great passion for modeling. It's a shame Monique had to paint her out to be a villain to give production an excuse to villify her for half of the cycle. Top 3 should've been her, Molly and Brittani.

Brittani bullied her.

32 Lacey Rogers - Cycle 22

How did her amazing and stunning photos not put her in the top 2? She was fieerce right from the beginning and always killed it. It should have been her and Mamé in the top 2. Nyle was an amazing person but he was maybe top 3.

33 Eugena Washington - Cycle 7

She has a great potential in modeling but she was very quiet

34 Jane Randall - Cycle 15
35 Natasha Galkina - Cycle 8

Her last two photos sucked but yeah I would have been ok with her winning.

36 Chantelle Young - Cycle 21
37 Shei Phan - Cycle 21
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