America's Next Top Model Contestants Who Didn't Win But Should Have


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21 Hannah Jones - Cycle 16

Hannah is an amazing model, so was Jaclyn. They were above the nicest people who modeled Cycle 16. I so wish the finals had them competing. I wonder what they are doing now, I hope enjoying much happiness and success.

22 Heather Kuzmich - Cycle 9

She is so sweet, such a nice person. As a top model, she is fierce and amazing! TOP MODEL but also a ROLE MODEL.

If not Chantal then this girl - Magnolia

She should have won
Beauty and nice person

23 Brittany Brown - Cycle 19

She was so underrated and the photo that got her eliminated was actually pretty good. Kiaras photo was much worse.

24 Leila Goldkuhl - Cycle 29

Cycle 29! I look forward to it, hopefully she won't be too old by then though.

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25 Diana Zalewski - Cycle 8

They should have given her a chance - Magnolia

26 A.J. Stewart - Cycle 7

A.J. could have made it further than Eugena and Jadea. She could have won. I would to see her go overseas. She would have rocked the black and white photoshoot. - gothictomboy66

27 Fatima Siad - Cycle 10

She had amazing photos and deserved to be in that final runway she, Anya or Katarzyna should have won not Whitney she was too fake.

28 Alexandria Everett - Cycle 16

This girl was stunning, turned out great photos and had such a great passion for modeling. It's a shame Monique had to paint her out to be a villain to give production an excuse to villify her for half of the cycle. Top 3 should've been her, Molly and Brittani.

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29 Kayla Ferrel - Cycle 15

Kayla should have won. She should have been in the Top 2 with Ann and she should have won. She had the personality, the potential and the most stunning photos. Ann was Tyra's favorite but Kayla struggled to be on top. She also wanted to be the first lesbian winner, so she had a bigger goal than just winning and be succesful, she wanted to do something about her community.

Although Ann was photo of the week every week it just shows they have favoritsm towards Ann. She was just some skinny ass stick that "girls will look up to". Well what made me mad was that dhe wasnt in the top 2 even when she ha photo of the week twice while other girl who face against Ann had none.

30 Eugena Washington - Cycle 7

She has a great potential in modeling but she was very quiet

31 Jane Randall - Cycle 15
32 Lauren Brie Harding - Cycle 11

She had some of the best photos on antm and had great high fashion alienesque looks and it was a total shock when she came 8th

33 Natasha Galkina - Cycle 8

Her last two photos sucked but yeah I would have been ok with her winning.

34 Lacey Rogers - Cycle 22

How did her amazing and stunning photos not put her in the top 2? She was fieerce right from the beginning and always killed it. It should have been her and Mamé in the top 2. Nyle was an amazing person but he was maybe top 3.

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