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1 Best Day of My Life

Wow! I can't believe this :D I have set this as my alarm as well! Oh and I listen to it whenever I feel weighed down by life. definitely lifts my spirits and makes me feel like I have the best life.

It's my favourite song!

Oh come on! Number 1!

It always makes me feel optimistic again :3

2 Luck

This song has such influence on me. By far my favorite. "Some birds aren't meant to be caged."

To good

3 What We Live For

I love this song and this album is one of the best things I have heard in my life.

4 Pride
5 Think About It
6 I'm Born to Run

It just came out a couple days ago but this should be in the top 3 or 4 soon

Definitely their best song in my opinion

7 Believer

Another very encouraging song that's basically about believing that something goof can happen. Their songs always have the most beautiful lyrics.

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8 Trouble

Very catchy song. Its amazing.

9 Oh, What a Life

I absolutely love this song and the beginning is beautiful and little bit 'old-fashioned'. "There was snow, there was snow, streched for miles and more, when we buried, when we buried our souls..." loving the lyrics & it's giving me such strong memories

10 Hit It

It's a very fast paced song that you can't but help dance to and love.

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11 Love

This is one of my favorite songs from them! It brings back a lot of beautiful young memories :).

12 Home

The first song of American authors I ever heard. I literally changed my station after that song on Pandora to the American Authors station. It's a very touching song and is for all the people feeling homesick.

13 Heart of Stone
14 Go Big or Go Home

It's a new song of American Authors. It's a great and catchy song!

15 Ghost

Great song! Everything else here is good too, but this is my personal favorite. I hope American Authors get more hits in the future!

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16 Right Here Right Now

Love this song and I'm so glad they added it to Madden 17. I play that game way too much.

For some reason, when I log onto Madden 17 this song always plays.

17 Superman

Amazing song. At least deserves a spot in top ten.

18 I Wanna Go Out
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