Best American Football Positions


The Top Ten

1 Quarterback

You are the main event. but screw up like a RB would and you are dead meat. Insert Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow joke here. You aren't (usually) fast. You don't score, but a leader nonetheless.

2 Wide Receiver

I'd probably play this position based on how I've played against others. - Therandom

You run, you catch, you score. You fast.

3 Free Safety
4 Outside Linebacker

These will be the same for now. you are the heart and soul of the defense

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5 Halfback

You run. A lot. This is a grueling position, though

Best position for short people

6 Cornerback
7 Defensive End
8 Tight End

Dual Threat. Catch... And block.

9 Defensive Tackle
10 Middle Linebacker

The Contenders

11 Strong Safety
12 Slot Receiver

This might tie into WR a lot, but it is catching a lot and some running. Percy Harvin.

13 Kicker

Yes, higher than QB, but kickers get to relax and chill with a good seat until the game winning kick with one second left, and you are a hero.

14 Punt Returner
15 Punter
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