American Horror Story Asylum Characters

The Top Ten

1 Sister Jude

I've hated her for a few episodes, but after that she became completely different person. I enjoy her transformation from insensitive freaky nun to pretty kind person. - Belphegor

2 Lana Winters
3 Sister Mary Eunice
4 Pepper

Great character, but belongs more to a horror movie where she is a serial killer

Why does everyone like her so much? I'm not hating her, but I'm not in love. Not yet.

5 Kit Walker

He is a precious cinnamon roll who did nothing

6 Grace Bertrand
7 Timothy Howard
8 Teresa Morrison

His performance was not great, but did the sex scene and that's good because I think people see that the series

9 Johnny Morgan
10 Leo Morrison

The guy from Maroon 5, obviously vote for the gentleman

The Contenders

11 Alma Walker
12 Arthur Arden
13 The Demon
14 Oliver Thredson
15 Cooper
16 Mother Claudia
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