American Horror Story Coven Characters

The Top Ten

1 Misty Day

My favorite AHS character from all four seasons. Lily Rabe is a gem.

2 Myrtle Snow
3 Fiona Goode


4 Spalding

I think he deserves the first place to look around I see how crazy it is that ass

5 Zoe Benson
6 Kyle Spencer

He is my child

7 Cordelia Foxx
8 Queenie

This girl is grabbing good roles, even with its large overweight

9 Madison Montgomery

She is the jade of the series and this rich

Now that's a woman of young age

10 Marie Laveau

The Contenders

11 Delphine LaLaurie

Great female villain - Negan

12 The Axeman

A hitman in history

13 Nan
14 Hank Foxx
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