Bobby's School of Criminology Part 8 - Dennis Rader

bobbythebrony Dennis Rader is the psychopathic serial killer known as BTK. From 1974 to1991, he murdered ten people in and around Wichita, Kansas. He was apprehended in 2005 and later sentenced to life in prison. How could a seemingly normal man commit these violent acts? Let's find out.

Dennis Lynn Rader was born March 9, 1945 in Pittsburg, Kansas. He grew up in Wichita though. He is the oldest of four sons to Dorothea Mae Rader and William Elvin Rader. As a child, he reportedly tortured animals for fun. He also had a fetish for female lingerie and would steal them and wear them himself.

Rader joined the air force in 1966 and served til 1970. After being discharged, he moved to the Wichita suburb of Park City. He worked for some time with his mother at a supermarket. He later went to college and got an associate degree in electronics. He enrolled at Wichita State University and graduated with a bachelor degree in administration of justice. He later got married and had two children.

Rader later got a job at a supply company and worked there from 1974 unti 1988. He also worked at ADT Security Services. He installed alarms for people who wanted to keep out BTK, though they were unaware that Rader was BTK. He also worked as a census supervisor in 1989. He then became a dogcatcher and compliance officer. He was regarded as strict and euthanized a woman's dog for no reason. He was fired after he was arrested.

The actual murders began in 1974 when he killed the Otero family. The father and son were suffocated with a plastic bag, while the mother was strangled and the daughter hung from a pipe in ghe basement. Kathryn Bright was his next victim, stabbed to death. This was the only murder that Rader never bragged about. Next, he strangled Shirley Vian to death in her home. Months later, he did the same to Nancy Fox. This was followed by Marine Hedge, strang, ed in 1985. Vicki Wegerle became the next victim when she was strangled in 1986. In 1991, he killed Dolores Davis, who was his last victim.

From 1974 to 2000, Rader was known for sending taunting letters to the police and media. He called himself BTK through these letters. After two letters were sent confessing to several murders, it was announced that a serial killer was a large. This was in 1978. He also sent a poem titled, "Oh! Death to Nancy". In 1988, when another family was murdered, Rader sent a letter confessing though he is not considered a suspect even now. In 2004, after years of being cold, Rader sent more letters which would lead to his arrest. He continued to taunt and confess. Eventually, it was discovered that BTK drove a black jeep cherokee. He later sent a floppy disc, which was traced to his church, which he was president of. Through further DNA testing, he was positively identified as BTK.

Rader was arrested on February 25, 2005 while driving home from work. Several places were then searched and evidence collected. The next morning, it was announced that BTK was in custody. He was then charged with ten counts of first degree murder. He pled guilty.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment in August 2005. After families made their impact statements, Rader gave a half hour speech in which he apologized to the families. Rader is not eligible for parole until 2180. He was sent to El Dorado Correctional Facilty, where he is held in solitary confinement. He is now 70 years old.

Well, in all honesty, this is a case where I believe the serial killer was born evil. He had nothing traumatic in his entire life and yet grew up to be a psychopath. This is one case where I admit the killer deserved the death penalty but Kansas doesn't have it now. This is also a case where the killer was tbe most normal of men. You would never suspect he is a monster. There are more people like this out there so watch your back, as you never know who you can trust. Godspeed everyone.

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