Top Ten American Tournament Trading Card Games

The Top Ten

1 Yu-Gi-Oh

Best selling card game in the world!

Includes the original tcg, 5D's and Zexal

Way better than mtg for tournaments

Best TCG ever so many different decks to paly and su funny things to build you can even win with llow priece deck's if you have skill and expiriance very very good game

2 Magic: The Gathering

AKA the world's most premier and the world's most addicting trading card game!

Me and my friends at school! (i'm 13) play this at lunch! Go magic

My friend plays this game!

3 Pokemon

I love Pokemon and came in second in the California tournament

All versions to date

Even though Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering are successful and maybe too fun sometimes, they are too dark and dreary for the taste here. So am voting Pokemon instead. - iliescu

4 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm TCG
5 Star Wars
6 Lord of the Rings
8 Cardfight! Vanguard

Cardfight Vanguard is really easy to learn and has a pretty large community backing it up, products are in excellent quality both aesthetically and performance wise. Been playing it for a few months now and every week my interest for the card game grows.

Cardfight vanguard is a cool cardfight game. I have played this game for a month and I were crazy about it. It should have in the list.

How wasnt this game on the list?!?!?

9 Duel Masters
10 Lego: NinjaGo

The Contenders

11 Bella Sara
12 Chaotic

Safely the game chaotic died a couple years ago but me and my friends are still buying theses cards and having tournaments with each other when ever we can it was by far my favourite TCG and my favourite game to have tourniments in

13 Kaijudo

Coolest game. ! So underrated. You should try it

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