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1 Desi Hoppers

Desi hoppers is a crew which believes in celebrating dance and brings the dance cultures of the east and west together to put forward mind blowing performances. They are one of a kind

Desi Hoppers. Each and every member of this crew is hard working n very creative. They try to portray different creative steps. In their performance they very beautifully blend Indian dance style with the Western dance form. Which is very much rare to see... All The Best Desi Hoppers!

Desi hoppers have a unique style which makes them different from others. They never fail to bring something new to the table.

I have seen them since their creation. the members of desi hoppers have made the crew itself so amazing. their style, their personality, their choreography...everything just completely stands out. they are beyond any kind of words. a truly superb team.

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2 Jabba WockeeZ



I have never seen such dance they are completely different from others crew the carry passion in their move and the do the best robo... The legendary crew...

The Jabbawockeez are a living legend - mikey_striker_di

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3 Super cr3w

Ever dancing crew

They definitely are underrated, the things that they do are extremely difficult.

4 Fanny Pak
5 Kings United India

Kings United India I think has been the first dance crew to represent india on an international platform and is a crew of extremely talented dancers.

They are the best to me in every way style creativity skills choreography execution everything is bang on I just love the way these guys dance like they are the real kings of dance

They are best in all so they are called as KINGS

Best flips n best moves

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6 SoReal Cru
7 Street Kingdom

Awesome talents in the group


8 Rated Next Generation

They are young kids with awesome moves!

9 I aM Me

How come they are not higher? During one of the episodes, D-trix said that the performance before them was the greatest one he's ever seen but then IamMe showed up and lit up the stage kicking the previous team out. True creativity is what it takes to win in a season like this one.

one of best crew I ever seen picture in the dance is not what you seen. everyday. Vote for them. come on!
YOU forget them or what? com

I honestly think that they should put Quest Crew and Poreotics! Nobody really knows I am me though

We love our nation & our dance

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10 Asiid

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11 Quest Crew

Best dance crew ever

Best dance crew in the whole nation


This crew can do it ALL! From b-boying to tutting to popping and locking and stunts, there isn't a single style of dance you can throw at this crew that they can't master. They've danced with top music artists like Usher, Snoop Dogg, LMFAO, Pitbull, Far East Movement and many more and gave us one of the best seasons of ABDC there ever was. This crew deserves to be SO much higher up on this list than they currently are!

Has anybody seen him flip onto his head?

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12 Boogie Bots
13 Poreotics

Poreotics are the most they can do any kind of dances, for me I think poreotics is the best crew in the world, you're the inspiration of our crew, I'm the leader of my crew the name of the crew is SLOW FORWARD, we have been a grandslammers of our school because of you're moves, thank you poreotics...

You guys re super... Especially law and dumbo

Poreotics are the best, because of there move we have been champion three times, the name of our crew is SLOW FORWARD, AND POREOTICS IS OUR INSPIRATION THANKS POREOTICS YOU ARE SO COOL FOR ME POREOTICS IS THE MOST COOL GROUP OF THE WHOLE WORLD

Poreotics is the second

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14 Supreme Soul
15 Kinjaz

With members from the Jabbawockeez, Kaba Modern, Mos Wanted Crew, Poreotics, and other independent choreographers, the Kinjaz feature awesome technique and choreography along with elements of storytelling. They went up against all ABDC champs and still managed to be the runner-up! It is a no brainer that a crew with such a diverse background can create dance that is unthinkable to the normal person. With a clear mission in mind and the mantra of brotherhood that keeps them together, they not only ridiculously in sync, but also impact the world in a good way, from workshops in different nations to their lifelong dream of the Kinjaz Dojo.

I think this crew/group is the best because they all know what they're doing and they all have a certain thing they all do instead of just standing around and in there acts of dance they all always do every single dance move they could possibly do.

Dance box and dojo are the best performance in the eternity of the show. Unique and clean performances ever week

Kinjaz should be #3 after jabbawockeez

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16 Royal Family

This crew should be the best! The choreography for this crew is the bomb!

There from New Zealand do

The best so all the other dance get on there level otherwise go scrub some floors

They have good choreography

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17 Mos Wanted Crew

My name is junior I just starting a crew

THey are the best I thhink they should be number 1 no dances with as much soul as they do

Ian Eastwood is sexy

They are very good!

18 Philippine All Star

There are awesome because their perform not just for their self their perform for their country

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20 Distorted X
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