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1 Season 5

God has blessed Jackie with an wonderful gift. I can not get enough of listening to her sweet voice.

Season 5 featured Jackie Evancho, who has gone on to become by far the most successful AGT alum of all time, including having her own PBS Great Performances T.V. special TWICE, along with breaking Michael Jackson's record as the youngest artist in US chart history to have a Top 2 and Platinum CD.

As a 10 year old, Jackie Evancho stunned the entire U.S. with a voice like an angel. Each and every judge was dumbfounded. No one to date has the charm and voice of Jackie and now at 13, she packs people in at her concerts.

Now age 16, Jackie has used her AGT experience as a springboard to a remarkable career. In six years, she has performed for royalty, released five albums (about to release two more), performed duets with some of the greatest singers, delivered over one hundred solo concerts, and recorded three PBS specials on DVD.

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2 Season 8 V 1 Comment
3 Season 6

This and season 5 are hands down the best seasons ever

Silhouettes are the greatest act ever

Best season... Silhouettes and Team ILuminate were awewome

4 Season 2
5 Season 7
6 Season 3
7 Season 1

The other seasons would be here if it wasn't for this one.

8 Season 9
9 Season 11
10 Season 4

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11 Season 10
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