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21 Cycle 22

Love this cycle - shame it's the last one! So much character and interesting challenges. Glad they got rid of the social media thing!

Really enjoyed this season! The models were awesome, they all had different personalities which made it fun to watch.The group was very diverse so the house was always crazy. They really chose a strong group of models this cycle with some interesting characters to say the least.Thought they chose the wrong girl to be in the semi finale but in the end the right person won. Sad that this way the last cycle though

I loved this one, there was not really a villain but they knew it was a competition. And the photoshoot were AWESOME, and better than the last one.

Nyle DiMarco forever!

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22 cycle 19

This season was so interesting! Every model had their own background and personality, from mean Kristin to Disney Brittany and characteristic Victoria. The twist on college edition made the season so much better!

This was hands down the worst cycle of the show.

This was better than Cycle 21, Cycle 21 is the worst.

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23 Cycle 23
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