Top 10 Amon Amarth Songs with Religious References

These guys have many songs of this type - Amon Amarth often mention God(s).

The Top Ten

1 Twilight of the Thunder God
2 War of the Gods
3 Deceiver of the Gods
4 Gods of War Arise
5 With Oden On Our Side

Oden/Odin - "In Norse mythology, Odin is the king of the Æsir. He is a God of war and death, as well as a sky God and the God of wisdom and poetry. Along with being a God, he is the All-Father of all the Nordic Gods. He is also heavily associated with magic." (wiki) - Metal_Treasure

6 The Pursuit of Vikings

"Odin! Guide our ships" - Metal_Treasure

7 God, His Son and Holy Whore
8 Where Is Your God?
9 Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
10 Bleed for Ancient Gods

The Contenders

11 Hermod's Ride to Hel
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