Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Among Us

Among Us has become quite the popular game in 2020. It started off as a forgotten game from 2018 but has had a huge boost in popularity. While it’s fun there’s a few things that make it not so fun. Not to be confused with the Worst Things about Among Us list. This list is focused more on pet peeves in the game rather than flaws in the game.
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1 People who drop out when they aren’t the imposter

Honestly this is the most annoying jump into ANY game in public and 9 times out of 10 at least 3 people immediately drop out because they aren’t the imposter. Imposters are chosen randomly so in a 10 person game with 3 imposters you have a 30% chance at best. So you’re not going to be the imposter that often. It kinda ruins the game for everyone but people only care about themselves

That's why I NEVER play games of 3. It's only fair when there is 10 people, but people sadly always quit because not imposter.

Seriously why do people do this? What's wrong with being a crewmate?

I sometimes say that I want to eject myself

2 People who use Discord to cheat

When the friend that's in a call dies he'll tell his friend on discord and who did it. And then once they tell everyone, well congrats! You ruined a good round. Like please dude. At least keep it a secret who killed you. It's unfair to the imposters and the game. Like, come on! Play for real.

The worst people. They ruin a game that have no reason to be ruin, since you don't win any prizes and you can't even be proud of yourself because you didn't use your skills.

Ugh these people are the WORST. The whole point of the game is not to team up. Cheaters are everywhere but especially in a game like this where stats don’t matter there’s no levels or anything like that there’s no incentive whatsoever it just ruins the game for everyone else

I never experienced this but I can tell it's annoying.

3 Getting voted off when you present actual evidence

Here is an example:
Red:yellow sus
Yellow:I saw the vent in medbay open, and I saw red walk out of medbay on cams. it has to be red
Red:No it is yellow
Purple:Yellow sus
Green:Yellow sus
Orange:Yellow sus
Black:Yellow sus
Blue:Yellow sus
White:Yellow sus
Pink:Yellow sus
Cyan:Yellow sus

Yellow was Not An impostor.
1 Impostor remaining.

An example
Trump: Biden killed, I saw on cams. He went to Medbay and then I saw the vent open
Biden: It's Trump
Elegance: No it's Trump
WardTNT: Trump sus
Miray: Trump is always sus
mike: It has to be Trump
Trump: Oh, Jesus

Trump was not An Impostor
2 Impostors Remaining

I get in a game like this that will happen sometimes but like if you saw the imposter on security cameras or you just saw him vent or just saw him kill you know bright as day who the imposter is. He did something that’s a blatantly obvious giveaway but for some reason people think you make an accusation and you’re sus what? I get self report is a thing but not everyone does that.

It isn't fair I mean you saw it and then they think it is you I mean why? They never believe you when you have evidence!

4 Calling Emergency Meetings for no reason

Normally I am in the middle of a long task, like download data or fix wiring. then a meeting is called for no reason, I get angry because my task was rewinded. everyone tells me too cAlM DoWn

*Purple Calls a meeting*
Blue:Take a chill pill buddy
Pink:Calm down
Red:r u okay?

Cyan was not An impostor.
2 Impostors remaining


Once as soon as the game started a emergency meeting started. You have to wait 10 seconds before an emergency meeting. We skipped because nobody had any proof about the impostor. Somebody hacked it.

Yeah. One time I met this player named ButtonBean and he just kept pressing emergency meeting. He kept saying Button Bean.

Most people call meetings to sing a song or just to prank players, I would rather vote them off.

5 Saying Sus instantly makes someone guilty

One time I was impostor, then I killed then someone said it was me. They did not report the body or witness me, they just sussed me.

We need proof. Not just this word. In fact, this belongs to those among us players that just think it's enough for them.

Someone once said it was me without any proof except "SUS" And guess what? They voted my but

Yeah! I said "red sus I saw him vent" then everyone votes ME!

6 Hackers

Among us from my experience is the game that I played who has the most hackers. They don't all use the same hacks but, they ruin the fun almost all the time (especially the ones who know who the imposters are and tell everyone at the start of the game)

Less frequent and more understandable than discord cheaters, since at least you can be proud of doing a hack, and you can do it for not cheating, but still.

There is a type of hack where people sabotage doors instantly, and sabotage during it.

If you're gonna hack at least use a good mod menu. Don't use Axey's mod menu it's trash.

7 Getting the download task

I HATE THIS TASK. Every time I try to do a download an emergency meeting is called and then I have to do the whole thing all over again which leaves me very vulnerable.

I hate the Simon says task (which is in reacter) but sadly their is no option to vote it so I'm voting download task. It is annoying too.

I hate it. Takes forever, and one time and accidentally exited out of it and was accused for faking it. Sometimes, even though it says 100% it still doesn't complete it. Also, if a meeting gets called I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN, which doesn't even make sense.

One time I had download in electrical. It was interrupted two times in a row for a emergency meeting, one time for getting killed, and another time for body report. I didn't even finished the task because they kicked out the last imposter.

8 Lazy crewmates

I'm sure crewmates would win more often if they did their tasks. I mean I finish them rather quickly, so why does it take so long!

Yeah, and when they die they just leave, leaving the other crew mates unable to complete every task

All the ghosts do when they’re dead is follow the person that killed them around. They do absolutely no tasks.

9 Automatically assuming Red is Sus
10 People who take forever to start the Game

Example: Red: start Host: nope. Cyan: start now! It's 10/10 players! Orange left the game. Host:No, it's 9/10. Red left. Black left. 1 minute later... everyone left. Host: Damn! This exactly same story happened to me before. Well... I don't know what the host really said or did he just leave.

This is agreeable. Whenever the maximum player limit reaches, the owner takes like a full year to start. It's annoying and I don't like. I dealt with this once and it was around 2 minutes because they wanted to play Hide and Seek.

For those of you who do this, please don't.
People want to play the game, so let them play.

We don't want to be standing around in the lobby and switch personalities from the customization options.

YES. the game would have the perfect settings and everything AND 15 people and then the owner just never starts and you need to spam start in the chat

Seriously there needs to be a warning for this I'm tired of having to leave so many games because of these jerks that can't bother to press a single button. They're so underpunished.

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11 People who try and take over the conversation

These people think they’re so smart and they know everything but in reality they know just as you do and they’re wrong more often than not. Sorry but you’re no Sherlock Holmes all they end up doing is interfering with the actual conversation that’s going on

12 Imposters who throw their teammates under the bus

Yesterday, my imposter teammate was going get voted off and then he said orange (me) is the other imposter. But the people in the lobby didn't voted me off because it was unfair. Those people were gods.

What is the point of doing this? Helping yourself lose or just being selfish so that only you can be the impostor?

I hate when an impostor is about to get voted out and they say who the others are. It ruins the fun.

That is one of the most annoying things ever.

13 Trying to get into a game

I am trying for weeks to enter a lobby, but every lobby is full except for those online daters lobbies which I don't wanna join.

All the game are always fricking full or could not find or already started

Me:*joins a 4/10 lobby*


14 Bugs and glitches
15 Joining a server that isn’t full but it says it’s full when you try to join

This happens to me Every. Single. Time.

16 when you accidentally hit the vent button instead of the sabotage.

Yes, this happend to me 2 crewmates where with me, I was gonna press sabatoge, BUT I VENTED! Luckly, I killed one of them. But the other one was running to call a meeting.

That's so annoying! Or when it won't let you out the vent!

17 When people don't listen to you when you are a ghost.

This absolutely makes no sense at all. When you chat as a ghost, no one can see your messages. Plus, it would be unfair to the impostor.

They can't here you when your a ghost

18 Getting disconnected

Worst part is that it always disconnects when I get to the good parts of the game, and also for some reason it disconnects me almost all the time if I play more than 3 games in the same lobby.

We finnaly get a lobby with people who actually knows how to play and then

"You got disconnected"

I sometimes get disconnected

19 When crewmates say they are imposter for no reason
20 Repeatedly joining lobbies and they all are somehow full as soon as you click on them

Yeah so annoying takes forever to finally do it.

This was made rarer, but this still happens a lot.

Very annoying

21 When people sabotage the electrical task

Honestly I do this too

22 People who start when there are only 4 people in the game

Just leave the lobby

23 When people forget everything that happened in the last meeting.
24 When people see you do scan and accuse you of modding for it

That happened to me before. It happened to me last week. Last week the impostor saw me scan and said I'm modding for it.

25 The fact that you can't name your servers, instead the server name is alway just your username.

I wish I could just name it hidenseek instead of naming MYSELF hidenseek

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