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1 Tales From the Thousand Lakes

Very well composed, riff's, lyrics, melodies, everything! - califano

Excellent album! Very beautiful without sounding cheesy! - Flav

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2 Circle

Circle is their best work because of the melodies, the Epic songs, Tomi voice and because it chills me! - califano

3 Skyforger

Great songs and an ambitious album. - califano

Album full of great song, you don´┐Ż't need to push forward button! And the cover is so beautiful end inspiriting. This album is a proof that year 2009 was Amorphis year

4 Eclipse

Amorphis never made a bad album but this is the best album as well as this is a masterpiece along with Skyforger, Under The Red Cloud, The Begimning of Times, Circle, Elegy and Am Universum

5 The Beginning of Times

I love this album, it's just beautiful.

6 Silent Waters
7 The Karelian Isthmus + Privilege of Evil

I really like this record. Death/Doom Metal at its best. - Flav

8 Tuonela
9 Under the Red Cloud
10 Elegy

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11 Am Universum
12 Far from the Sun
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