Top Ten Best Amphibia Season 1 Episodes

The Top Ten Best Amphibia Season 1 Episodes

1 Reunion

Anne couldn't save everyone! Most Importantly, what about the pardon Mayor Toadstool had given her?

2 Combat Camp
3 Prison Break
4 Anne of The Year

That episode feels sweet I just wonder if The Mayor began to decide to a way to have Anne in the village in open arms like everyone else did.

Anne in a tuxedo. Just, this.

5 Toad Tax

What those toads are doing is wrong! I think they know Anne!

6 Children of the Spore
7 Lily Pad Thai

I thought it was awesome of Anne to teach the frogs something from our world!

8 Night at The Inn

I think Sprig and the others should've known those hotel welcomes were going to eat them!

9 Anne Vs. Wild
10 Anne or Beast

It was quite 😎 of Anne and Sprig teaming ☝ and saving the villagers from that creature!

The Contenders

11 Wally and Anne
12 Dating Season

I thought it was nice Anne and Ivy became friends the moment Sprig introduced them to one another!

13 Fiddle Me This
14 Bizarre Bazaar
15 Family Shrub

This episode feels amazing seeing where Polly gets her fighting spirit from most of all an underdog like Anne finding her purpose

16 Hop Luck
17 Contagi-Anne
18 The Big Bugball Game
19 Hop-Popular
20 Trip to the Archives
21 Taking Charge
22 Civil Wart
23 Snow Day
24 Cursed!
25 Hop Pop and Lock
26 Stakeout
27 The Domino Effect
28 Anne Theft Auto
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