Best Amusement Parks in Japan


The Top Ten

1 Universal Studios Japan

Universal studios Japam might be the largest amusement park in all of Japan. All I know it looks pretty fun (better than theU.S.) and is really expensive. - Manlypants

2 Tokyo Disneyland Resort

It's Disneyland,but in Japan. And it's bigger than ever. Also it's really cute - Manlypants

3 Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland has some twisted and huge rollercoasters. It has a large attendance all the time. - Manlypants

THIS should be number one!
It has the best rides out there in Japan.
Takabisha, Eejanaika, Do Dodonpa, you name them.

4 Tokyo DisneySea

It's like Disneyland but it's on the coast so it involvs water ride. - Manlypants

5 Sanrio Puro land.

Sanrio purolamd is an adorable theme park with Hello Kitty. Yes you heard me, it's a Hello Kitty themed park - Manlypants

6 Nagashima spa land

The name is deceiving. It's actually a waterpark. With tall slides and cool pools,you don't wanna miss out. - Manlypants

7 Edo wonderland

Edo Wonderland may not have any rides,but that doesn't mean it's not cool. It's a place filled woth with old Japanese culture. It's beatiful,has many things to watch,and has boat rides along the place. - Manlypants

8 Joyopolis

A very cool place filled with a ton of video games and techo rides. It looks very interesting and cool. Definitely Japan bringing out there best - Manlypants

9 Kidzania

It's an amusement park that lets kids have an adult job. How cool is that? - Manlypants

10 Namco Namja town

It's a whole amusement park filled with kawaii cats and the color yellow. And for the first time, the mascots are adorable - Manlypants

The Contenders

11 Gulliver's Kingdom (Japan)

Hey in the UK we have three and a fourth one opening soon.

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